Generations/ROTF Windcharger Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Windcharger
Series: Generations (sold in generic, ROTF style packaging)
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Dodge Charger

Height: 3cm Length: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   A metallic red sports car that's almost a Dodge Charger (but not quite, to avoid copyright), Windcharger has a hint of crimson to his red, which matches the darkish shade of red found on his G1 version. The rear window has a black sunshade (as in G1) while the other windows are painted black. The tyres are black plastic while the front bumper is painted grey along with the border of the grille. The grille and rear end are painted black while his headlights are silver. There's a mini rubsign on his hood, rubbing it reveals his Autobot logo. I'm really impressed by this colour scheme - from the shade of red used to the fact that he has both silver _and_ grey paint.

   While it's a different model of sports car, the colours and details are close to those found on the Minibot, so this really feels like Windcharger. It's the first real revisiting of this character (co-opted Overdrive tributes don't count), and they've done a good job in this mode. What's more there's some nice car details like the headlights, grille, side windows and door handles.

   There's no real play value here, other than the wheels rolling. I guess you can pretend he's using his magnetic powers or something. Mind you, I don't expect much from a realistic looking scout car.

   A good car mode with great colours, good details and a very well executed tribute. The mini rubsign sits in the same spot as in G1, which is a nice touch.


   Lift up the roof, fold out the back to form his boots. Flip out the feet, separate the boots and slide them in (relative to the thighs). Pull the sides out to form arms, pivot the groin into place and swing the legs back down. Rotate his forearms, fold down the hood to form his chest & reveal his head.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   A red and grey robot with black sunvisors on his shins, Windcharger's chest, feet, hands and knees are red while his upper arms, thighs and groin are "Hasbro" grey. His head is dark grey with a silver face and blue painted eyes while his forearms are also dark grey. The rubsign is now on the centre of his chest. Again this colour scheme really fits the character. While I generally don't like the use of "Hasbro" grey, it's offset by another grey here so it works well and this colour scheme looks very good.

   This robot mode screams Windcharger. The head sculpt matches Windcharger as we saw in the G1 cartoon, as do the black shins. The chest is different, but the headlights & grille on his chest are G1-esque anyway. The head sculpt really sells this tribute, but I'm glad the designer has paid attention to the other aspects. The bodyshape is good and there's minimal kibble - just the roof hanging off his back.

   The play value is based on his poseability, and while it's simple it works well. His neck, shoulders, ankles, elbows & hips are ball joints while his waist is fixed and the knees are hinged. Overall, the range of poses is great. Windcharger has open hands, which can swing into his forearms, replaced by grey "magnets" (which can also be viewed as guns, if you prefer), another aspect that reminds of the Sunbow cartoon.

   A great robot mode that looks good, has good play value and really fits the character. There's no real drawback here, and with so many G1 stylistic elements alongside modern engineering, this robot mode works on many levels.


   None that I'm aware of (although I'm hoping for a Tailgate retool.


   An excellent scout with good colours, great play value in robot mode and a realistic vehicle mode. It's the first true revisiting of Windcharger and they've not only given him a good toy, they've nailed the tribute. Recommended for fans of modern Transformers, especially those who enjoy the Classics/Generations concept - 10/10

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