Generations Warpath Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Warpath
Series: Generations
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 5cm Length: 15cm Width: 8cm

   A smallish (by deluxe standards) maroon H-tank, Warpath dark grey secondary weapons on top of his turret and a few "Hasbro grey" connections here and there. There are one or two silver painted details, but this toy is really about maroon. On the sides of the rear treads, Warpath has stamped Autobot logos while there are black serial numbers stamped on the front treads (ZOW-333 on the left, KA-90W on the right). The sculpted treads themselves are painted silver. This colour scheme is very much Warpath, even if his G1 toy wasn't a H-tank.    This tank drips Warpath. The clever serial numbers Zoweee! are perhaps the most Kapow! blatant aspect here, but the shade of maroon is also spot on. The tank itself especially realistic (mainly because H-Tanks aren't the norm) but Warpath has a pretty good sculpt with rivets and such. Aside from the main cannon, he also has a dark grey missile launcher on the right side of the turret and a mini dark grey rocket launcher on the left side.

   Play value here is by the numbers, but well executed. There are wheels underneath each tread allowing him to roll while the turret rotates through 360. The missile launcher fires a silver maroon missile, and fires it quite well. With the button on the outside of this launcher, accidental fires are easy, but it still looks okay without the missile loaded.

   A good tank mode thanks to a well thought out tribute, good colours and good play value. It's not the most realistic tank mode - but that's nothing new for Transformer tanks - and given the history of the character, I'm just glad it fits the character. Blam!


   Simple but clever. Flip back the turret, fold the underside forward & fold away the panels attached to the front of the turret to form his waist. Clip the waist into his groin, split the front to form his legs. Rotate the legs so the serial numbers face forward, swing the treads down as feet and collapse the shins, stand him up. Push the main cannon right in, which will push the head up from underneath the turret. Fold on the grey weapons so they sit over either shoulder. Swing out the panels on either side of the rear treads, fold down the tracks as forearms, flip out the fists & close the panels again. The way the rear treads unfold on themselves as gapless arms is really clever, and for me makes this simple transformation quite amazing.

Height: 13cm Width: 8cm

   A maroon robot with dark grey hands, thighs & forearms, Warpath has a "Hasbro" grey groin and some silver painted details here and there. The Autobot logos remain on the outsides of his forearms while there's also black on his chest, kneecaps and eyes. Again Warpath is dominated by maroon, and again the colour scheme really evokes the G1 character. Thanks to a good use of silvers & greys to contrast, this is an attractive colour scheme.

   The tribute is on target here (BANG!). His face is that of G1, complete with the rounded look of the original toy. The turret is the top part of his torso, and while it's better integrated that the Minibot's was, this aspect is immediately noticeable. The feet are treads, as in G1, thanks to the H-tank alt mode & clever transformation. Both shoulder mounted weapons look good.

   Play value is fairly minimal here, but Warpath has excellent poseability. The missile launcher on his shoulder fires in this mode & while Warpath lacks handheld weapons, he has standard holes in his fists. Incidentally, while his main cannon pushes in to match the G1 cartoon, you can extend it in this mode for a look closer to the G1 toy, if you prefer (the head goes back in manually).

   His head rotates while his waist is fixed. Warpath's shoulders swing and lift out to the sides. His elbows are hinged with rotators, as are the knees. His hips are ball jointed while his ankles wiggle slightly. The large feet formed by his front treads anchor poses well and this allows a wide range of stable poses.

   Aside from the lack of a handheld weapon for him to wield in the many available poses here, this is an excellent robot mode. Even then, he can always borrow a gun. The play value is great, the tribute is very well done and the sculpt carries over.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Yet another fantastic toy from the Classics/Universe/Generations line. The tribute is nailed perfectly, the play value works well despite no handheld weapon and the colours & sculpt both work. As with many toys in this line, it's the attention to detail that makes him so much fun - the clever transformation, serial numbers & face are all highlights. Something of a difficult toy to find, but if you like this line or like the character, I'd strongly recommend this toy - 9.5/10

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