Generations Thunderwing Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Thunderwing
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Jet

Height: 5cm Length: 16.5cm Width: 12.5cm

   A grey fighter jet with royal blue on the front edges of his wings and on small winglets on either side of his cockpit, Thunderwing has a transparent orange canopy and some deep lilac aspects. The colours are a close match to those of the original, although the lilac is much darker now. There are lilac missile launchers under each wing along with transparent orange missiles, while the thrusters at the rear are also lilac. The colours here are reminiscent of the G1 Pretender, although I would have preferred a lighter lilac. The layout & relative proportions of the colours are a compromise between the largely blue combined jet mode and largely grey inner robot jet mode of the G1 toy. There are forward facing purple Decepticon logos on his wingtips.

   The original Thunderwing toy's smaller jet was poorly defined, and neither of that toy's jet modes were Earth vehicles, so there's some divergence here, since we have a fairly realistic jet now. This jet is a fusion of various fighters (I can see elements of the FA-18 & Saab Grippen, and there are likely others). The orange canopy gives him something of seeker look, and with the grey and blue there are shades of Starscream here - this is the main reason I'm critical of the shift to darker lilac. Still, there are Thunderwing elements here, including black spines sticking out next to his air intakes, wingtips that angle down and the lilac weapons under his wings. There is some kibble here - the green robot arms are visible under the front of his wings, but they're dark so they don't stand out too much. I should point out that Thunderwing was packaged mistransformed (with the head visible underneath), but his chest splits to cover his head & prevent an obvious face being visible from the sides.

   There's good play value here, and while the missile launchers are formulaic, they can be detached & set aside if you want a sleeker plane. The launchers are quite powerful and the triggers are directly below the attachment points, so you need to be careful if you don't want to lose the missiles behind the furniture. The nosecone & winglets detach as a drone, and while it's not much more than something to do with this part of the toy, it's also a nice tip of the hat to the fact that the front of G1 Thunderwings larger jet mode detaches to become a smaller jet (and the robot itself). There are three retractable black wheels underneath, all roll and the front one folds up to lock the drone into place.

   A good jet mode despite some minor kibble and the wrong shade of lilac. It's reminiscent of the G1 toy, but more realistic and better defined, while the play value is useful. It doesn't have the same early G1 feel of most other Generations toys, but then it's tributing a toy from a slightly later period.


   Attach the drone & fold away the landing gear. Lift out the central chest piece underneath, and fold into place, revealing his head. Fold down his tailfins, lift up the nose, fold the back (wings etc) over so they're flush against the central part of the plane, fold the nose down over the backplate, forming his backpack. Lift up the chest, pull out his legs and close the chest, Fold out his feet and heelspurs, swing the spines on his shoulders out, lift out the wings on his back. Place one or both of his weapons in his hands.

Height: 15.5cm Width: 16cm

   A grey robot with lilac feet, green arms with black spines on the shoulders, green thighs and a gold painted face with red eyes. Thunderwing has light green and black detailing on his chest which closely resembles the chest details of his original pretender shell. There's a black crest above his eyes - similar to that in G1 (although this time it looks somewhat like a monobrow). The grey and blue wings hang out the sides and feature those stamped Decepticon logos. The colours are fairly similar to those of G1, and while the arms and thighs are different, the close attention paid to his chest and head means this colour scheme really evokes Thunderwing.

   The wings are fairly kibbly, in fact swinging them out highlights this. I suspect the idea is to give him a regal cape, but I prefer leaving the folded away to reduce kibble (if not the significant mass in his backpack). Leaving the wings in also means the Decepticon logos are straight rather than on an angle. The detailing on this toy is good, with a complex chest sculpt and a scowl on his face similar to G1 (albeit with a lower level of detail). The boots are a different shape, but the hose-like detailing on his thighs and the arms are like G1.

   Play value here is less than vehicle mode, surprisingly. The drone can be detached (with a little backpack disassembly), reducing his backpack, although it doesn't do anything other than detach. The missile launchers can stay in place on his wings - sitting on the back of his backpack, plug into either hand, or combine as a double launcher. The head turns while his waist is fixed. His shoulders and hips are ball jointed while the elbows and knees are hinged with rotators. The feet and heelspurs are both hinged while the wrists rotate. There are green armour plates hanging off his hips, swing can swing up to give the legs room to move, if needed. The guns counterbalance the weight of his backpack, so Thunderwing is quite poseable.

   While it's a fairly simply robot form in terms of engineering, Thunderwing has good poseability and some weaponry options. His greatest feature here is the strong semblance to his G1 version, which is really what this toy is all about. There are a few changes, but the head and chest feature the character-defining details & colours, making this robot mode a success.


   None that I'm aware of.


   One for the G1 fans, Thunderwing is more about a character tribute than most Generations toys. The jet mode is a fusion of real life jets, but the colours and realism are secondary to the tribute. Still, the vehicle mode has good play value while incorporating G1 elements, so it does try to work on more than one level. His robot mode features an excellent tribute and good play value despite a significant backpack. If you're a fan of the character at all, I'd recommend this toy - 8.5/10

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