Generations Skids Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skids
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 4cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 6cm

   A medium blue sports car, Skids is a rather wide hatchback - his shape is somewhere between a subcompact like the original toy and a sports car (which Hasbro are much fonder of producing). He's a lighter blue than the G1 toy, although he shares the red and white stripes on the doors. His tyres and windows are black while the hubcaps are painted red along with his taillights. The headlights and grille are painted silver while there's a small stamped Autobot logo on the hood. Skids's colour scheme matches the original toy quiet closely, but the tribute isn't all that obvious simply because the character is one of the least prominent of the early G1 characters. Aside from some lighter blue painted on the smoky window pieces not quite matching the rest of the toy, this is a good colour scheme.

   Skids looks like a rather squat sports car & not much like a subcompact, but the details give away that this is in fast quite s small vehicle. The sculpt is quite detailed too, with a complex grille, bents & wipers in front of his windscreen, side mirrors & doorhandles & a bunch of other details. I like the fact that there's a subtle turbo block on the hood - a nice tribute to the original toy. On mine at least the left side door doesn't sit completely flush and pops out quite easily; I'm hoping this is an isolated case.

   There's not much play value here but then I don't expect much of a realistic car mode. The wheels turn and there are holes on either rear fender into which you can plug Skids' two silver handguns for something of an attack mode. It's not much but it's enough for a toy like this.

   A fairly straightforward vehicle mode, really. Skids has good colours & detailing & straddles the line between a sporty look & the original somewhat uncool Honda City model. There's enough paint here to make him interesting & allow the tribute to succeed. My main complaint is the mismatched blues, but this is a minor gripe overall.


   Detach & set aside his weapons, if attached. Lift the doors up, gull wing style. Unclip the rear, split & swing down to form his legs. Rotate the waist, fold down the rear tyres to form feet, flip down the toes & rotate the feet into position. Pull the front fenders out slightly to form shoulders, lift out the hood, swing out the head concealed underneath & swing the hood down to form his chest. Pivot the inner edges of his front fenders to reveal detailing on his shoulders (and conceal the front wheels). The doors go through a series of twists & turns for form wings behind his shoulders, secured by the windshield. It's difficult to describe but takes several folds & twists & one step releases spring loaded shoulder cannons. The last step is of course to give Skids back his weaponry.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 12cm

   A medium blue robot with silver on his face, thighs and the headlights on his chest. Skids has red upper arms & feet along with a red groin. His eyes are gold while the stamped Autobot logo is not central on his chest. The colour scheme works well visually and ties into the G1 toy nicely - even if the blue is lighter & this toy lacks black. I'm not sure where the gold on the eyes comes from (G1 features yellow) but it works well enough.

   Bulkier than his skinny G1 toy, Skids has big feet & bulky boots with some kibble hanging off the back. The shoulders are bulky & close to the torso. The most notable visual aspect of this robot mode however is that Skids is bristling with guns (as all good theoreticians are, I suppose). There are silver twin shoulder cannons on either side of his head and twin silver guns on either forearm. And then he carries the two handguns - which can be combined to form a larger gun. The front of the car is on his chest - similar to the G1 toy and definitely a G1 style feature. The head is G1 Skids too, which I'm happy to see.

   Play value centres on the weaponry, obviously. The combining guns are one aspect, but the twin guns on either forearm are another. They sit together underneath his forearms but are geared & can swing up to sit on either side of his hands. So he has up to 2 visible silver barrels. The poseability is a bit of a mixed bag, though. His head, shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles are ball jointed although the shoulders are somewhat restricted. The knees are hinged with rotators but he's quite back heavy so you'll need to slightly over bend the knees to keep him stable (i.e. so he's leaning forward somewhat). Usually ball jointed ankles causes stability issues, but Skids are plenty tight - it's his hips that are a little loose & he can split a little. He's stable enough once you find the right pose & there are plenty of ball joints here but the limited shoulders & back-heaviness limit the dynamic posing quite a bit.

   A solid robot mode with a great tribute and weaponry options galore. There's lots of jointing but poseability isn't as good as we'd hope. I enjoy the tribute here and the weaponry makes him very displayable, so I can overlook the jointing issues.


   None that I'm aware of. Crosscut is a retool of Skids.


   A very good tribute & some awesome weaponry, but his joints in robot mode paint mismatches that are apparent in vehicle mode are flaws that hold back a long anticipated Generations toy. Despite the flaws he displays very well in robot mode & still looks good in vehicle mode. I'm mostly bothered by the loose hips which didn't need to be so loose - although this is an easy one for adult fans to fix. Recommended if you like the character or Generations in general - 8/10

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