United Scourge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scourge
Series: Transformers United (Generations)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Space Ship

Height: 3.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 20cm

   A pale blue flying wing with royal blue along the front edge and on the engines at the back of the wing. There are six small windows at the front and some silver painted details on the engines at the rear. Rounding out a fairly simple but effective colour scheme is a small purple Decepticon logo stamped on top of the blue area. Much of the royal blue at the back is metallic, while the cannon on top and that at the front lacks the sheen. While the shape of this toy is a departure from that of G1, the colour scheme is spot on, so this does feel like Scourge.

   The shape might be different, but the smooth curved lines are the same as G1 - he's wider & more aerodynamic but still has the same general feel as the hovercraft-shaped toy from G1. There's no longer a bridge at the back, but the cannon is still there (if lower now, since there's no bridge to mount it on). The sculpt is pretty good with depressions on the wings allowing air intakes into his jet engines (and also allowing you to see his red hands inside, if you look carefully). There's a few seams and the like on the wings as well, and the wingtips are pointing down.

   There's not a lot of play value here. The cannon on top is fixed and there are no other weapons in this mode. Scourge's grey undercarriage can fold away and he'll happily lie on his belly. All three undercarriages sections (one at the back, two towards the front) are grey and none feature actual wheels. His robot mode weaponry is stowed inside the wings, but he can't really use them here.

   A good vehicle mode despite being a little static. He retains the feel of the G1 toy in a somewhat more aerodynamic shape - and this toy avoids looking like a flying hovercraft. The colour scheme is quite simple, the sculpt decent, making this a decent vehicle mode if not a great one.


   Open his wings to reveal the weaponry, lift out and close the wings again. Fold away the landing gear, unclip the underside (with wings attached), allowing the front to unclip and extend as legs. Fold back the cannon to reveal his head, pull the head out. Fold out his feet, lift up the pale blue panel in front of the Decepticon logo, slide the metallic blue panel under the logo back & rotate his waist. Rotate the legs, stand him up. Pivot the underside plate onto his back, with the wings hanging as a cape. His engines become arms, and while the forearms are fairly standard - the fists slide out - there's a rather clever but difficult to describe contortion used to form his shoulders. Lastly, unfold the gun, clasp the top section on and place in either hand.

Height: 14cm Width: ~15cm (depending on what you do with the wings)

   A royal blue robot with baby blue legs, upper ands and wings, Scourge has silver paint on his forearms, fists and waist while his face is painted baby blue with a royal blue moustache & black eyes. The tips of his fingers, kneecaps & the tip of the laser on his head are red and the purple Decepticon logo is stamped on his chest. Again there are actually a few shades of royal blue, with a mixture of flat & metallic areas. The colours are exactly what we'd expect from the character - right down to the red fingertips the cartoon introduced. Okay perhaps he should have red eyes, but they're actually colourless plastic with a decent lightpipe which is evident from some angles.

   While the shape of the vehicle mode represented a departure from his G1 form, this robot mode is much truer to G1. The wings form a cape and the head is spot on. The gun even is even designed to resemble Fracas' gun mode (although this toy isn't a Targetmaster, unlike Cyclonus). The shoulders are unusually wide which is probably the only notable flaw of this robot mode. I'm happy to report that the wings are hinged in such a way that they'll stay out of the way of his limbs while still allowing the backplate to sit flush. What's more, that baby blue panel also tucks away nicely on his posterior (it looks like a nappy/daiper, sure, but at least it's out of the way!).

   The play value here is essentially just the poseability. Well, and Scourge's ability to stow his weapon in his cape, I suppose. The head is ball jointed, allowing him to aim the cannon on his head. The shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows are hinged with rotators. The wrists rotate, helping him aim. The waist turns, but it doesn't look very natural since both the waist and groin are wide (this is really just a joint for transformation). The hips are ball jointed with rotators just below them to assist his hinged knees. Scourge's ankles are hinged and he has fairly meagre heelspurs. Scourge can be a little back-heavy, so I'd recommend a wider pose for the wings, bringing his centre of gravity forward. Overall it's good poseability, although some poses can look a little weird with his wide shoulders. The gun can actually split into two, which can then be held in either hand (you'll need to fold out the post on the "top" piece first).

   A great robot mode despite no gimmicks. Scourge's face is spot on, the wings work well and they've nailed the colours. The shoulders are a little weird but he's poseable enough that you'll find a pose which looks good. Sure, there's no Targetmaster partner, but I feel that would have impacted too much on the vehicle mode (with the loss of the cannon) anyway, so I can deal with a psuedo-Fracas gun here.


   The Hasbro version lacks the metallic blues. There is a transparent indigo e-Hobby repaint. There's a Ratbat retool in Japan while Devcon is also a retool. Both retools features different heads.


   A solid tribute toy with great colours, good engineering and a tribute that works well in both modes. The flying wing is something of a change but still works very well while the robot mode is poseable and both modes display well. The robot mode's shoulders are a little weird, and this is his only real flaw. There's no Targetmaster, which will displease some - but that's not exactly a flaw, and would have compromised the look of the vehicle mode anyway. Recommended if you like the Classics style - 8.5/10

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