Generations Perceptor Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Perceptor
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Half-Track

Height: 6.5cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A deep red armoured truck-style half track, Perceptor has black plastic tyres at the front & black treads at the back with charcoal gearings inside. The front & door windows are transparent yellow while the rear & side panel windows are painted grey. His headlights are transparent yellow with a black grille between them. There's a red piece of kibble on top with some chrome hanging out the back (a weapon), and this chrome helps link this colour scheme to that of the original toy. It's a good colour scheme and while the colours are quite close to those of his G1 toy, the vastly different vehicle modes mean the tribute isn't that obvious here. The different coloured windows are a rather lazy effort, although given that he looks like a modified armoured car, I can live with the back of the vehicle being boarded up.

   So it's not a microscope but the treads here link this toy to the tank mode of the original Perceptor. As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, he's essentially an armoured car with treads at the back, looking something like a red snowcat. The weapon on top doesn't look great while folded up, so I recommend flipping it forward and extending the chrome silver cannon. The sculpted detail here is respectable if not fantastic, although the gearing inside his treads is quite intricate.

   The cannon on top represents the only real play value here. The tyres at the front roll as do small black plastic wheels under the treads, but Perceptor's ground clearance is laughable so he doesn't really roll.

   While this is a decent effort at making a distinct vehicle mode for Perceptor, it really needs some teal here for the tribute to work. THe detailing and colours are decent, but the play value is disappointing - he looks good, but this vehicle mode doesn't really feel like the character. A decent vehicle mode, but not a good one.


   There's a lot of pivoting here so I'll summarise. The hood ends up as backpack while the arms are stowed under the front. The chest & head are underneath the roof while the weapon on top twists and expands to form a cannon over his right shoulder (as in G1). The rear section becomes his legs with the treads and doors folding away inside his boots. Notably, Perceptor's thighs extend - a rare feature of modern transformations but a staple of G1.

Height: 15cm Width: 9.5cm

   A red robot with teal thighs, shoulder joints and forearms. Perceptor has black feet and hands along with a black groin and black head. His face is silver with yellow eyes while there are chrome silver dials on the outsides of his forearms. There's silver on his chest (simulating the microscope tray) and on the tip of his shoulder cannon. The window on his chest and a small sighting panel next to his shoulder cannon are transparent yellow, rounding our a colour scheme that's strongly reminiscent of his G1 toy - both the colours are the layout are close matches to that toy. There's a rubsign underneath his chest panel, which isn't immediately obvious - and this is the only allegiance symbol on the toy. It's a good colour scheme, and not just because of the tribute.

   This is a very visually appealing robot mode. There's a bunch of Perceptor here - from the head shape to his face to the dials on his forearms. There's also some kibble, but none of that is too major - the treads tuck away into his calves quite nicely, so it's only the hood on his back which could be classed as kibble. This piece is also the toy's main flaw as it doesn't clip in, instead relying on the tightness of joints to stay in place. Given the weight of this hood piece, joint tension alone isn't really enough to hold it in place - it _can_ hold, but only if you keep Perceptor still - and that impacts on the play value.

   Ignoring the backpack, there's quite a lot of play value here. The shoulder cannon can be positioned somewhat while the chest panel folds down. His fists are sculpted as open, relaxed hands. He has good poseability but also stability issues. The head turns while his waist is fixed. His shoulders, hips and ankles are ball jointed while the knees and elbows are hinged with rotators. His wrists rotate and his hands are in an open, relaxed, pose - Perceptor lacks a handheld weapon & relies on his shoulder cannon. The ball joints in the ankles are nice and tight, but he lacks heelspurs - unusually amongst modern toys - so you'll have to fidget a little to get him to stand in most poses. Much of the effort in that fidgeting is securing the backpack, mind you.

   A great display piece, this robot mode just screams Perceptor, from the chestplate to the colours to the colour map to the dials on his wrists to the face & shoulder cannon. The poseability is good although it's a little hampered by a lack of heelspurs. The backpack is my main grievance here - it makes this robot mode a display piece only, really. Still, he displays very well.


   The Henkei version lacks chrome on the dials.


   A somewhat disappointing figure - although given the generally high standards of Classics/Generations/etc he's still a good toy. The vehicle mode doesn't feel that much like Perceptor and doesn't really shine - but it's good enough. The transformation is involved and a little cheaty. but my main gripe is how the backpack doesn't clip in to robot mode. His robot mode has little play value anyway, but the backpack issue should really have been ironed out before mass production. The robot mode tribute is spot on and he displays very well in that mode, so this is still a worthwhile toy as a tribute, if a notch below most toys in the line - 7/10

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