Generations G2 Optimus Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Truck Cab

Height: 6.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 6cm

   A navy, red & black long nose truck cab, Prime is essentially blue with red flames at the nose & a back hitch section. There are some grey details, such as fuel tanks & mudguards at the rear, the front bumper and the hitch itself. The smokestacks and window frames are painted silver while the front windows, grille and headlights are transparent orange. The side windows are disappointingly painted a light orange - and really stand out in a bad way as they do a poor job of matching the transparent plastic. There's a black rubsign on the roof, which naturally reveals an Autobot logo when heated up. The colours allude to the Laser Rod Optimus Prime from G2, although the navy colour is taken from the various appearances of movie Optimus Prime. The colours work well for the most part, although that painted orange is jarring.

   There's a good level of detail here, including some diamond grip behind the cabin, wipers on the window frame, grille & vent details on the nose & tread on the tyres. There are a total of 10 tyres, including 4 "double" tyres at the back - it's common to see double tyres on trucks but quite rare on Transformers trucks so this is a nice touch. The hitch section is a little messy in that there are a few visible hinges & the sword isn't all that well hidden there - but it's fast from being a sword awkwardly carried on the back of the truck.

   There's minimal play value here - not that I'd expect much of a toy such as this. The wheels roll & that's it. The double tyres at the back are actually single pieces - so you've got 6 wheels sculpted to look like 10 tyres.

   Aside from the awful orange side windows this is a good vehicle mode. There are shades of the movie Prime here but this really is a good update of Laser Rod Prime without the tanker. I would have preferred black to navy blue, but it still works well. They really needed to do something better than this particular shade of orange, though.


   Flip up the fuel tanks, split the rear, unclip & set aside the hitch (folded up sword). Split the front & pull out to form the arms. Push in the orange windows, pull out the roof. Fold down the cabin, slide in to form the torso, fold the fuel tanks up on his back. Pivot the roof back down with the head (which is stowed underneath) out. Fold out the black heelspurs & then swing back the feet into place. Open the plates on the back of his thighs & calves, swing the double tyres into the resulting cavities. Position his arms, unfold the sword's handle & pivot the hitch down to lock the handle in place. Attach the sword in either hand and you're done.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 9.5cm

   A grey, red, black & blue robot. The blue here is now a royal blue present on his feet, head and hands (with residual navy blue on his elbows). His shoulders & forearms are red while the shoulder pylons, much of his torso & thighs are grey & the boots black. Prime's face is silver with the trademark mouth plate & orange eyes with a poor light pipe. The windshield is now on his chest - unlike the G2 toy it's the actual windshield too. The colours are more faithful to G2 now. There's no Autobot logo here.

   The overall look here is quite close to the Laser Rod, although the chest is more angular & the head is a little more complex - there's an undertone of the movie Prime there. His shoulder pylons are well sculpted & the big transparent sword stands out (as well as subtly harking back to the light up sword from G2). The rear tyres are now half-sunken into the outsides of his legs, visible but inconspicuous enough.

   There's no real gimmick here but Optimus Prime is very poseable. His neck, hips, wrists and ankles are ball jointed. The shoulders swing and lift out to the sides a little while his elbows hinge inwards & are supported by rotators below the shoulders. His waist turns while his knees are hinged with rotators. Along with the ball joints his ankles also feature hinges as do the heelspurs. Surprisingly for a toy with ball jointed ankles, Prime stands easily - and is very poseable thanks to all the joints in his legs. The restricted shoulder lift is the only shortcoming of what is otherwise excellent poseability.

   A good robot mode that avoids that awful orange & makes great use of his jointing. The colours work and he really does look like a (smaller) update of Laser Rod Prime. While there's no standout awesomeness here, this is a very solid robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good update on the Laser Rod Prime toy - sans trailer. The vehicle mode is mostly good (even if that orange paint is damn annoying & should really have been done much darker) & the robot mode has no real flaws. There's nothing amazing here, but the engineering is good & he's quite faithful to the G2 toy, even if there are some minor elements borrowed from the movie Optimus Prime. While I'm not sure that he's an essential part of a Generations collection given how heavily the line is weighted to G1, if this figure appeals to you I'd definitely recommend picking it up - 8.5/10

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