Gears Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Gears
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Reconnaissance
Alternate Mode: Pick up truck

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A mid blue truck with black windows, plastic black tyres, a chrome silver grill and a red rear cabin. The black windows are actually a piece of black plastic inside the blue one that forms the front of the truck. The front windscreen wraps around to the sides, and he has a sunroof. There's also a section sticking up just in front of the windscreen on the hood. In front of this is an "M" moulded into the hood, which represents the Microman series from which this toy originates.

   His front bumper is red, above this he has blue headlights. There are rather obvious seams in the headlights, where the arms spilt from the torso. These seams are less obvious on the sides of the truck, but still visible. The red rear cabin is one of those optional extra types you could buy for open tray models of pick ups in the 1970s and early 80s. At the back of the tray are gaps which allow his legs to fold out in robot mode, inside of which are exposed (chrome silver) thighs.

   There's not really much play value. His wheels roll, although not on axles. They are ridged, so while he wont roll well he's perfect for kiddies rolling him up a soily mound or something. The real value in this mode is just that it's so damn _cute_. The proportions and detail aren't great, but he still manages to look cool.


   Fold the rear section over to form the legs (they split as the fold out). Pull the sides out to form the arms. Stand him up, position the arms.

Height: 6cm Width: 4.5cm

   Primarily red in this mode, Gears' blue takes a backseat now. The arms are blue, as well as the sides of his lower legs, but otherwise it's mainly on his back. His face is silver and his thighs are chromed silver. Oh, and his eyes are a blue slit. He has a yellow sticker running down his chest, also.

   Fitting the theme of the first year Minicars, Gears has a cute robot mode. The mouthpiece and eyeslit, combined with big silver cheeks, give him a simple face that only serves to make him cuter, something about which Gears would no doubt complain!

   The torso is red, and the head is the same piece, although the face is a blue piece inside the toy sticking out. He actually has a raised, moulded, torso and head which sticks out from the block which is the main body of the toy, which serves to partially hide the fact that it _is_ a block.

   Like his truck mode, there's not much play value. His arms swing at the shoulders, that's it. He's designed to pretty much stand there and look cute, and does a fairly good job of this. His biggest flaw in this mode is the heavy reliance on chrome on his thighs - he looks bad if it wears and exposes the black plastic underneath, and you can't easily undo chrome wear.


   None as such, although there were about 12 recolours in Brazil & The Netherlands. Swerve is a rather significant remould of Gears.


   Good for what he is, Gears isn't for those who like articulation and play value. He's cute in both modes, and aside from the chrome is fairly sturdy. G1 fans will like him - he's a cool character. He's also friends with Spiderman, which has to count for something. I should admit he's one of the first Transformers I got, but I still think he's good for what he is - 7/10

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