Gaihawk Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Gaihawk
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Sub Group: Breast Force
Function: Aviation Soldier
Vehicular Mode: MIG-29 jet

Comes with HawkBreast, a small companion that turns from a hawk to a breast and also becomes Gaihawk's gun.

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 11cm

   Reasonably large for a combiner limb, Gaihawk is a crimson MIG with white wings, tailfins and stabilisers and an orange cockpit. His wings are fixed, and he has twin tailfins and stabilisers. The white plastic is actually a very light grey, although it's close enough to white for practical purposes, especially when you contrast it with the crimson plastic. He has no undercarriage, he rests on posts on his shoulders and the tips of his feet. HawkBreast can stow on his underside in this mode.

   He has yellow stripes, in the form of stickers, on his wings, which have Decepticon symbols within them. The sparse use of any other bright colours means the crimson works in this mode. The level of detailing in the mould is reasonably good, although the only details really worth pointing out are the air intakes on either side of the cockpit.

   There's not really any play value here, but then it's a fixed wing plane. I suppose it'd be nice if you could attach HawkBreast in gun mode.

   While he's nothing spectacular, Gaihawk has no really flaws in jet mode. The colours work, there's not really play value. I suppose the upside is he's one of the few Transformers fighter jets that's a Soviet model - most are US, with the occasional SAAB Grippen (like his teammate Hellbat).


   Pull the rear section down to become his legs, flip the stabilisers up. Fold the wings up and the cockpit up and over. Stand him up. You'll see four holes on his chest, attach HawkBreast (wings folded) to the upper holes to form the breast.


   To transform HawkBreast to bird mode, fold out the wings and flip out the head. To transform to chestplate, retract wings & head. To transform to gun, retract wings and fold the head to become the handle.

   The hawk mode's actually quite cool, although the fact his head is black plastic hides a lot of the moulding detail. This is a shame since there's actually a good level of detail there. The barrels of the gun form the tail, with some fanning going on around them - it works quite well. His wingtips are white.

Height: 9cm Width: 6cm

   The crimson is joined by a lot more white in the robot mode. The arms and lower legs are crimson, his torso, thighs and head white, he has a blue face. Attaching HawkBreast gives his chest a lot of crimson as well as some black, and since it also covers up the holes (and the screws inside), Gaihawk looks a lot better with his breastplate.

   Either way, his chest has stickers, with a Decepticon logo on the left hand side. The "naked" chest has a lot of seams and screws, the covered version is dominated by HawkBreast's wings. Yes, I know I'm harping on about the chest, but the difference is really quite marked. I should point out that HawkBreast's gun mode is quite cool, so either way he's a good accessory. I just prefer him on the chest rather than in the hand.

   Poseability is limited to the shoulders rotating and the right knee being able to kick out to the side a bit (for the arm mode). It's not fantastic, but the play value of this set is in the partners, and HawkBreast provides enough play value to keep me happy.

   Gaihawk's robot mode is his better mode, in my opinion. Sure, the naked chest looks a little unfinished, but you have the option of covering it up. The colours work in this mode, and HawkBreast is fun, as well as being one of the better breast partners.


   None that I know of.


   Gaihawk's jet mode is decent, and it's an interesting choice of jet. His robot mode's quite cool, HawkBreast is a great addition. Aside from the lack of jet mode play value, there's not really anything holding him back, except for the price you're likely to pay for him. Of course he's required if you plan to make Liokaiser. If you can get him for a decent price, Gaihawk's definitely a toy I recommend - 8/10

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