G2 Superion Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Superion
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, Silverbolt & Slingshot.

Height: 24cm Width: 19cm

   The original Superion had a very unified colour scheme, and this version almost pulls that feat off again. Four of the five have a Captain Americaesque scheme going, with blue, red, white and silver. And then there's Slingshot, who's shiny and golden (and brittle - I'm writing this review with a one-armed Superion in front of me since I daren't transform Slingshot). He has a black head with gold antennae and eyes, as well as other spatterings of black, but none of this really interrupts the blue-red-silver-white look. This really is a case of what could have been - since the overall look almost works except for the eyesore limb that Slingshot forms.

   His gun, which is also Silverbolt's gun, looks like a hero's gun. He has stocky shoulders and his limbs are all straight, giving him a "ready to save the Universe" stance. Basically, he looks like the Autobots' saviour! Captain Iacon perhaps? His arms swivel at the shoulders, which is standard for a G1 Gestalt mould.

   The four small Aerialbots are all quite similar, and this actually helps Superion's shape - all four work well as arms and legs. Slingshot aside, they blend quite well into one colour scheme. He's a somewhat lanky toy, which is partly due to the fact none of the limbs are big chunks of toys that some combiner teams have. It adds to the heroic look, though, adding to the impression of him standing at attention.


   None as such, although he's a repaint of G1 Superion.


   What could have been. Sure, Silverbolt's red is bright, but the mould works, the theme running through 4 of the 5 is good. And then you have Slingshot, who's not only an eyesore but very very fragile. The mould makes him mighty & noble looking, ready to save the day. Air Raid & Skydive individually have decent colour schemes, but as a set, it fails thanks to Slingshot, and, to a lesser extent, Silverbolt. Get the original Superion if you can, get one or two of the better individuals from this set if you like, but the set isn't really worth it - 5/10 as a set

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