G2 Snarl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snarl
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot (Dinobot)
Function: Desert Warrior
Alt Mode: Stegosaurus

Height: 9cm Length: 15cm Width: 7cm, 8.5 if you mount his missile launcher

   A pretty good Stegosaurus, although his body is a tad short. The tail could be longer, but he has the nice small head he's supposed to have, though. Very mechanical looking, more so than most Dinobots, this is a very angular dinosaur. Whereas his friends have nice big blankish panels, Snarl has stickers with various mechanical designs all over his body. The only remotely animal looking parts are the fins on his back, but you have to wonder how many Dinosaurs had chrome gold skin...

   The most common variant of G2 Snarl, which is what sits before me, is a red Stegosaurus. His plates, tail, forelegs and rear feet are all chrome gold. His rear lower legs are smoky transparent plastic, as is his head. Inside his head you can make out chrome gold patterns. The rear half of his body is red, and if you attach it to the rear shoulder, his missile launcher is black with a grey trigger & collar. His eyes are dark red, they kind of blend in to the rest of his head, though I'm not sure this was intentional, they match the cherry red plastic that makes up the front of the dinosaur (and the rear hips). The rear half of the dinosaur is die cast, and is a straight red rather than a cherry red - the two shades blend quite well.

   The first variant released features a grey base plastic instead of cherry red, and is for all intents and purposes the same as the original Snarl toy. There's also a green variant, which looks poor, although slightly better than the green G2 Slag, since Snarl doesn't have the silver chrome Slag does.

   Snarl's Diaclone cockpit isn't accessible in this mode. You have to lift the rear assembly of plates (ie begin to transform him) to access it on his robot chest. The biggest flaw he has in this mode is the weakness of the tabs holding his lower rear legs in place. One of mine has broken off, but the other one pops out with great ease anyway. His robot forearms then tend to pop out. This problem can be largely solved by standing him, where his weight keeps the lower legs in place. Still, it's a pain. This would have been a lob better had they used slide tabs not springs to slide his forearms out. The odd thing is that both Grimlock & Slag use slide tabs for their fists, but Snarl doesn't

   This isn't a terribly poseable animal mode, you can swing the legs at the hips, but if you touch the rear legs expect them to pop open. His front legs movable knees as well, which actually have some posing options.


   Pull the front section and rear section apart about a centimetre, swing his forelegs over into grooves on the side of his body (they're very obvious). Split the head and fold the halves to the side. Pull the legs (body halves) apart and flip them over, spin the lower robot section you've just formed around and push it back in. Split the tail and fold the halves to the sides, flip the lower rear legs back (if they haven't done so already) and extend the lower arms (if they haven't already) - basically you do this by touching them till the springs go off. Swing the arms down to the sides (or further so they point forward), fold back the plate assembly and swing up his head.

   Probably the most complex of the Dinobot transforms (and the only reverse-transform), but not the best (I'd give that honour to Sludge). It's clever, but there's a couple of little problems they could have addressed. As I've mentioned the springs in his arms don't do much for me. They really affect the stability of the Dinosaur mode. To add insult to injury, the robot forearms aren't great anyway. Still, the way they get rid off the plates for the robot mode is clever, and the wings do look good.

Height: 14cm Width: 15cm wings

   Not as show accurate as most Dinobots, Snarl has probably the worst robot mode of the lot. His head is a tad small, as are his waist and thighs (which are made to look smaller than they actually are by his lower legs, which are big). But my main gripe is the lower arms. They're tiny. This guy's been taking steroids big time, because his biceps are huge, in terms of bulk _and_ length. What's most disappointing is the fact that you can easily see how the arms could have been a lot better - swing the forearms out of the biceps (ala Sandstorm), or just make their casing smaller and they'd be bigger compared to the biceps. Although the latter wouldn't address the length issue, since they're as long as they can due to the swivels needed for arm movement.

   The colours work well - he's basically red and gold, which a red chest, cherry red limbs (with breakouts of chrome gold on his legs), black thighs & waist, black lower arms & head, gold wings, along with two plates that sit either side of his head. Substitute grey or green for the variants - again the green one doesn't look as nice.

   The overall effect is a rather bulky looking robot that doesn't look much like his animated counterpart, aside from the obvious colour differences in the case of the red & green variants. The cartoon really should have done more with his wings, they look awesome. And his Diaclone cockpit sits on his chest, so he could hold a Matrix if you like the name Snarlimus Prime (c8

   I know I sound harsh on this toy. I don't hate him by any means, but if you put him next to the other four Dinobots (and I have the set), you see all his flaws, since they don't have flaws to the same extent. The red robot mode, if you have that version (which is likely), works really well, though - in fact it's probably a better colour scheme than the original - a rarity for G2!

   Like most Dinobots, he can move his arms (although I wouldn't put them straight up, since his lower dino legs simply hang behind them), and he can bend his knees.


   As mentioned, this toy came in three colours, with the red version being the most common (and the only one released in Australia). The grey version is almost identical to the original, the yellow G2 stamping inside the right foot is the only difference from the original. The green version is probably the worst of the lot, but it's rare so at least it has something going for it - I know I'd buy it if I found it.


   Snarl's the weakest Dinobot, but far from a bad toy, and this version has a new, improved colour scheme. If you want show accuracy, you'll probably prefer to get the original, but this is a nice repaint of a decent toy. His major problem (those lower Dino legs) aren't so much of a problem if you have a brand new toy, but they become one real fast. Snarl is a good toy, he just could have been better. He'd be the last Dinobot I'd recommend - he doesn't feature much in TF: The Movie and frankly, the others are better, but he's the coolest of the G2 Dinobot repaints - 7/10

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