G2 Slag Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Slag
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Flamethrower
Alt Mode: Triceratops

Height: 8cm Length: 18cm Width: 8cm

   A pretty good attempt at a horned dinosaur, althoughh I'm not enough of a dinosaur expert to say whether it's pure Triceratops or not. Slag came in three colours in G2 - the first was silver, which was almost identical to the original, the second was red and third green. The green version is by far the most common, and it's also the version I have, so that's the one I'm going to talk about.

   He's mainly green with a transparent head, although he has a chrome gold bump on his back (robot feet). His head is smoky plastic with detailed chrome gold inside. Moulded eyes, with no colouring. He has chrome silver lower jaw (which opens and shuts) and red horns. Slag has a chrome silver frill, which looks like a collar since it's jagged. His tail is the same smoky transparent as his head with detailed gold chrome inside.

   As previously mentioned, his jaw opens and shuts. The red horns swing around independently, although the third horn is moulded onto his head and can't move. His legs move back and forward and his rear legs bend at the knees. A nice dinosaur, it's nice that the guy who exists to breath fire can open his mouth for enhanced play value.

   If you're lucky enough to own the red or grey variants, they both looks quite nice. Mine drips of G2, and that's not a good thing. The pine green doesn't really go well with all that chrome.


   First thing you have to do is split his robot legs (rear half of body) to give the tail room to get out of the way. Then swing that tail so it's basically sticking up in the air. Then swing the legs down and fold away the rear dino lower legs. You can now stand him up (and fold the tail down to the ground). Open the jaw and swing it down to form the chestplate and reveal his head. Slide the tabs on his arms to reveal his hands, swing out the side "fenders" of the dino back to form wings and swing his arms down a little (you have to do this after you move his wings or there wont be clearance). And now you're done, although you may like to position his horns and tail.

Height: 14cm Width: 8cm

   Slag has a red torso, with chrome silver chestplate and chrome red waistplate (the only Dinobot with three chrome colours). He has grey arms, black hands, grey legs, chrome gold feet, black thighs. The dinosaur head becomes a gold & smoky helmet of sorts, over a black head. On the back of his left thigh he has yellow G2 Autobot logo and the word "Autobot" stamped. If you have the grey one, this is the only thing separating it from the G1 version.

   A pretty cool robot, although he has _big_ lower legs. His arms look a little odd since he's got dino feet stuck on his wrists, but it's not a big issue, they don't get in the way of anything.

   Fairly show accurate, aside from all that green. On the show he has a red head, a hang-over from the Diaclone original, not the black head of this toy. The head is show accurate aside from colour. Like the other quadrupedal Dinobots, Slag has a Diaclone cockpit on his chest. Unlike Sludge and Snarl, however, it can open freely in dinosaur mode (although it's on his underside). It's somewhat limited in this mode, since it's covered by his silver chestplate - but this makes for an excellent matrix compartment (c8

   He has a odd looking backpack - his wings are quite a distance back from his body on a rod. But with feet like his he has no trouble standing. The tail can be used as the third leg of a tripod if you want to pose him. Probably not good at caving but great for using as a leg-up...


   Three, as already mentioned. The grey one is for all intents and purposes the same as the original, and is an acceptable substitute for the original. The red one looks quite nice, since there's lots of red on Slag anyway. The green one is by far the most common, and the worst, of the three.


   Middle-of the road as Dinobots go, but in green he's not as nice as the original. The Dinobots are high quality Transformers, and proof that you can have good toys without gimmicks, so Slag is in himself worth getting. Whether or not you want him in green I'll leave up to you - I'd really only recommend him as a stopgap until you find a G1 Slag - 6/10, 7.5/10 for the variants

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