G2 Skydive Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skydive
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub Group: Aerialbot (G2)
Function: Air Warfare Strategist
Vehicular Mode: F-16

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 5cm

   A speckly silver and blue jet, Skydive looks unlike any jet you're likely to ever see. He's silver with blue wings and a black nose (and black cockpit, for enhanced pilot vision). His tail and wings have blue and white distorted checkerboard patterning that fades to white. The right also has a large red "1" with blue outline, and on his left wing this is replaced by his name in cursive (although it's written as Sky Dive).

   Overall a rather tasteless plane mode, but Generation 2 dished up a lot worse, and of course it's difficult to not compare the colours to the original colours. The jet itself is decent, and easily identifiable as a F-16. While not a total loss, this mode would be a lot better with subtler wing stickers.


   Fold away the front landing gear, swing the tail and nose onto his back and join them into a backpack. Swing the wings up, grab the legs and pull down. Swing the arms out and stand him up. Identical to Fireflight & Air Raid, you'll find.

Height: 8.5cm (head, 10cm top of backpack) Width: 4cm at shoulders

   If you like silver, Skydive should please you. Apart from the blue thighs, arms and parts of the head he's silver. Silver fists and face. The lower legs are actually a grey-silver. Like his G2 Aerialbot buddies, he's got no stickers on his robot mode. But he looks pretty good, if a little bland. No purple camo in sight (c8 His arms are on ball sockets at the shoulders, but his legs don't move and his head looks anywhere as long as it's straight ahead.
   The robot mode's not bad, it's biggest drawback is the blandness of the colour scheme. The lack of poseability, compared with other G2 toys could also count against this mode, even if it _is_ a G1 mould.


   Well there's the G1 version, otherwise none.


   To be honest I prefer the G1 Skydive, but then the G1 toy matches the cartoon Skydive. He's nice, and while he doesn't look like he's been attacked by paint as many G2 toys do, I can't help look at it and compare it to the G1 toy. Ignoring the G1 toy, he's good, and certainly worthwhile if you can get him for $10 or less. I give it 6/10

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