G2 Ransack Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ransack
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Air Reconnaissance
Alternate Mode: Chance-Vought F4U Corsair (WWII Fighter Plane) - thanks to Michael D. Lu for the model

Height: 5cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 10.5cm

   A purple WWII fighter plane with green bombs underneath the wings, a transparent red cockpit and fluorescent red single propellor on the front. The bright red propellor places this colour scheme firmly in G2, but otherwise Ransack is fairly subdued. There are some white stripes on his wings and white arrows on the tail, while he sports a yellow sticker with a G2 Decepticon symbol on the left wing and purple stickers with "DC" in yellow (presumably for Decepticon?) just in front of the tail. It's a fairly good colour scheme without being especially memorable.

   There's pretty good attention to detail in this mode, with plane lines on the body and wings, purple ribs on the red cockpit and even a small gun on the front of the left wingtip. The bentwings, tailwings and tail all look good and the rotor on the front looks natural enough considering it's a rotor pretending to be a propellor. Ransack is meant to rest on the bombs underneath his wings, but they're towards the front of the plane and he tips backwards. He _really_ needs a tailwheel or some support of support leg back there - it wouldn't have been impossible to do, and this is a pretty major shortcoming.

   The whole idea of the Rotor Force is that pressing a button somewhere on the toy will fire the propellor. If you wind up the propellor until it starts clicking loudly then press a purple button on the nose, the propellor will shoot off and happily head across the room. It's a silly gimmick that sacrifices the realism of the plane mode, but it's spectacularly successful so I don't mind.

   The choice of a World War Two fighter is interesting - we seem to get a lot of modern fighters in the Transformers line. In fact Ransack is unique in this respect. Sadly he can't stand upright, but the rotor gimmick is a great success. I'm not at all impressed with the instability, which should have been addressed - had they done so I'd really like this mode. It's still worthwhile thanks to the unique choice of plane and effective gimmick, but could - should - have been a lot better.


   Remove the engine and propellor front the front, fold out the top panel of the fuselage, lift up the central plate of the fuselage backwards. Unclip the bombs underneath the wings. Fold the tail to either side, rotate the tail and fold down to form his chest - this will also bring the central plate into place as his legs. Swing back the wings, flip out the feet and place the engine into either hand as his weapon. Position the bombs as arms.

Height: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   Again mainly purple, Ransack has a simple face with transparent red eyes, black feet and green arms. There's no lightpipe since the top of the plane sits on his back and behind the head. Still, this is about as good as you could hope for from a purple and green robot mode. Thankfully they've used the green sparingly, and resisted the urge to add anymore bright coloured into the mix - the rotor is the only bright part of this robot.

   The tailwings sit on his hips, forming an overly wide groinplate. The chest itself is the underside of the tail and I wish there was a fold out wheel on it (for the sake of the plane mode). There are plane panels on the outsides of his boots, which give Ransack some plane aspects here (well, along with the odd groinplate). The forearms are nestled inside the bombs, and the bombtips sit on the end of the fists as a kibble, although the arms still end up looking okay.

   The shoulders rotate and lift out to the sides while the elbows are hinged, and this gives Ransack very good arm movement for his time. The legs and head don't move mind you, and the arms need to be poseable to clear the wide groinplate. The arms do allow for some cool poses, although with the legs immobile Ransack isn't quite capable of dynamic poses. The most important thing is that his arms allow for Ransack to point his rotor launcher.

   The rotor launcher really is the central part of this robot mode's play value - and most of the poseability is a by-product of his transformation. The firing mechanism is equally successful here, which makes Ransack's launcher the bets of the lot. This a great gimmick, it's fun and well executed.

   While the groinplate is awkward and the head low detail, the arms are quite poseable and the gimmick works well. Ransack's robot mode is for the most part well formed (groinplate aside) thanks for a pretty complex and clever transformation, and is his better mode. The colours aren't great but he makes good use of the colours he has all the same.


   Ransack was sold with either red or black rotors (the Rotor Force shipped with two rotors each). The red rotors are far more common. There is a G1 toy of the same name, but there is otherwise no link between the two, making Ransack one of the first name recycles in the Transformers toyline.


   An unusual choice of plane model that's annoyingly hampered by instability and a decent robot mode hampered by an annoying groinplate, yet Ransack is still worthwhile. His rotor gimmick works the best of the four Rotor Force toys and this is enough to make Ransack a fun toy. Worthwhile despite his flaws - 7/10

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