G2 Ramjet Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ramjet
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Modified F-15 Eagle Jet

Height: 7cm Length: 21cm Width: 15cm

   A purple, black and jade eyesore, Ramjet is one of those unfortunate toys that gave G2 a bad name. The original's white has been replaced with purple, the maroon with black and the engines and stabilisers are bright jade. His cockpit is a transparent purple and his nose is a rubberised black plastic. The missile launchers under his wings are purple with black missiles (which co-ordinates with the rest of the toy, unlike on Starscream). The air intakes are black-painted metal, but there's silver stickers which conceal this. Like all seekers, he's got big Decepticon stickers on the wings and a smaller one on the nose. In true G2 style, Ramjet has his name in white on either side of the cockpit.

   Ramjet's wings are swept back, and sit further back than on a real F-15 (the rear edges are in line with the jets). His stabilisers are mounted on top of his wings rather than on the sides of the fuselage. I suppose this design has some chance of being able to fly, but you'd spot it miles away in these colours, and no self-respecting air force would use these colours. The launchers are new this time around, and Ramjet has also gained a rather ungainly purple soundbox that sits on top of his engines.

   The missile launchers shoot long, thin, black missiles - more than the original could manage.The soundbox has two buttons, the right side one generates a long take-off then landing sound, which gets old very fast and lasts about ten seconds. The left side button generates a much better machine gun fire sound, which will continue only as along as you press the buttons. You can't cut off the long sound by pressing the other button which is mildly annoying. Both buttons will cause two red LEDs on the front of the box to flash.

   The launchers aren't great but they _are_ an improvement on Ramjet's original bombs (which I've always hated). The soundbox looks pretty bad and the three posts it attaches to also look bad if it's not mounted. It doesn't really bring a whole lot to the toy - the machine gun sound is nice but the box is clunky and the other sound is annoying. The colours are simply awful, so the extra play value here is pretty much a moot point.


   Remove the front undercarriage and place it inside the cockpit. Flip back the rear wheels to form the feet. Stand him up and push the plastic bit on his chest till it swings out to form the arms. Fold the nose down, then swing it through the chest until the cockpit rests on his chest. Fold the nosecone back to reveal the head (the toys are not meant to be coneheads, although you can fold it up if you like). Attach his fists, fold the wings back slightly and attach the missile launchers to the arms.

   One thing that has always bothered me about this transformation is that there's nowhere for the fists in jet mode. While you can store everything else, it does make for very easily lost fists. Of course, the other detachable parts are commonly lost anyway. With any luck, they'll include the soundbox.

Height: 14cm Width: 14cm

   The purple and black dominate in this mode, with the limbs largely purple and the wings and torso largely black. The jade is restricted to his shins, fists and feet (and still looks atrocious). The purple and black could almost work but even with a small serving of jade, it's enough to make this an eyesore. The silver stickers are the same as the G1 version's, which doesn't really help matters since the jade doesn't need another bright colour nearby.

   Aside from his shoulders being able to move, Ramjet pretty much just stands there. His shoulders do move in pretty much every direction, however, courtesy of his transformation, although the posing of these is restricted by the jets on his weapons sticking up past his shoulders by about a centimetre. The black air intakes form big towers on top of each shoulder, which look pretty good. If you look at the toy of Ramjet and compare it to the show, the toy appears to be missing thighs. Basically, the proportions are the same, but in the toy the legs are one piece and the show added thighs that the toy simply doesn't have.

The soundbox on his back can still be used, although again it doesn't really bring much. It's another piece that can be lost more than anything else. Ramjet _does_ have firing missiles that he lacked last time around, and the launchers look better too, since they're a more natural size for his arms. The launchers are about the only improvement, mind you.    In my opinion Ramjet was the weakest of the seekers, and a large reason for that was the bad missiles. That flaw has been fixed here, although the wings still bother me a little. Sadly for Ramjet, everything else is overshadowed (well, obscured by) the horrific colour scheme. Had they kept the colours close to his G1 colours, or at least avoided the jade, this mode would be much better.


   As mentioned this is a (shocking) repaint of a G1 toy with new accessories. Ramjet shares these new accessories with G2 Starscream.


   Probably the weakest of the seeker retools, now in nauseating colours. The missile launchers are an improvement but fall a long way short of making this toy an improvement. The soundbox does have a nice machine gun sound, but it's awkward and the other sound is down right annoying. I'd recommend against this toy - if you're after a Ramjet you're better off holding out for a G1 version. Cast your sore eyes somewhere else instead - 2.5/10

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