G2 Onslaught Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Onslaught
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Combaticon Leader
Alternate Mode: Flatbed Military Truck

Height: 5cm Length: 23cm Width: 4cm

   A rich yellow and purple truck with purple camouflage. Onslaught's in keeping with the garish theme of Generation 2, and the G2 Combaticons, but couldn't contrast more with the original. He's mainly yellow with purple camouflage and purple rear mounted cannons with black barrels. He has black plastic wheels and black plastic grills (the robot fingers) on the front. The back section of the bed has purple stickers which fold over onto the back, with taillights, and onto his sides, with his name on the sides. It's not like he can hide in these colours, so why not his name?.

   Colours aside, the best word to describe Onslaught's truck mode is "long". So long, in fact he comes mistransformed in his bubble. The back half of the truckbed is bare, and you can put a small Combaticon there quite easily (although Blast Off is way out of scale). You can remove the twin cannons from the front half to give him even more flatbed space - allowing you to fit two smaller guys on his back.

   The twin cannons on his back can shoot forward or point up, they swing to about 88 degrees, so not quite straight up. He's got five sets of wheels (one in front, two rear, two middle), and can roll pretty freely, although he wont roll very far on these hard, ridged, plastic wheels.

   Lastly he has a base mode, which basically consists of splitting the rear of the truck, placing a black ramp (supplied specially for the purpose) between the halves, swinging the cab halves to the sides and placing the twin cannons over the exposed robot head. It's not really much to get excited about, though it can be attached to Trypticon if you have him.


   Flip the rear section up, then pull the folded part down and separate the halves. Fold the sides of the cabin out and down. Stand him up and pull out the fists. Attach the chestplate and give him his handgun. It's a simple transform but it works.

Height: 19cm Width: 8cm

   Onslaught's robot mode is even brighter, being largely yellow without any camouflage. The chest, arms and lower legs are yellow, the thighs, head & fists are black, the groin and chestplate is purple.

   Tall and a tad on the lanky side, as you'd expect from a truck toy, it's also very boxy. It looks pretty good in proportion terms, but the colour scheme is shocking, being about 80% yellow. It looks like Onslaught is wearing a radiation suit or something. Yellow itself isn't such a bad thing, but this is such an intense yellow, and there's still that bright purple on it. The dual cannons are on his back in this mode, and they look pretty good there, even though what you see is the hollow undersides.

   His poseability is, like Vortex and Blast Off, in his arms. By virtue of three joints in each shoulder, you can do a lot with his arms. The joints are pretty rigid, too, thanks to them having to support the weight of Bruticus' arms. The head can turn 360 degrees, which is unusual for a G1 toy. The turning head _isn't_ needed for his transformation, either.

   I can't really nail down any serious negatives in this mould's robot mode, and there's a fair few positives. Of course, the colours could have been better.


   None as far as I know.


   A good mould, but this is pretty much cancelled out buy such a poor colour scheme. In fact this is probably the ugliest of the G2 Combaticons. I'd recommend the original or Mega-Octane over this version, since the colour scheme is that awful - 4.5/10

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