G2 Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Commander
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 9cm Length: 28cm Width: 10.5cm

   A grass green tank with purple camouflage and a purple cannon, Megatron has forest green treads with chrome silver on the moulded wheels. There are some bright orange stickers here and there, including two small ones on the sides of the turret which have G2 Decepticon symbols. The colours are pretty typical G2, which isn't really a good thing. The bright green and purple don't exactly go together - but a green tank is on it's own a fairly respectable idea. The orange is downright tacky.

   The colours aren't the only signature G2 elements here. There's a green sticker on the cannon which has "BIG STICK" one one side and "EAT THIS! AUTOBOTS" on the other. I'm not sure why the exclamation mark is halfway through that phrase, but then in orange it looks ridiculous regardless of punctuation.

   There's a flip-open panel on top of the turret where you can load his black missiles, while a purple button at the back of the turret fires the missiles, which fire well. The missiles drop into place, allowing you to fire several before you need to reload. The cannon can lift up 30, but the central strip of the turret itself also lifts, which is a little awkward. Sadly the turret itself doesn't turn, since it opens up to become the arms. There are some sound effects to the firing mechanism, and when you roll Megatron along he makes a rumbling sound. Assuming you've put batteries in underneath, of course.

   Regular readers of my reviews will know that I'm not usually impressed by sound gimmicks, and Megatron is no exception. The gimmicks are okay, but for the size this is an awfully simply tank mode - he has to accommodate AA batteries and a speaker, as well as several chips. The missile launching turret is cool, but not quite enough to make this simple tank cool. The colours really don't help, of course. I can deal with the fact that Megatron is a tank - and not just because tightened safety laws meant that Megatron couldn't be a gun this time around, but not such a simple, gaudy one.


   Fairly simple for the size. Open the sides of the turret to form his arms, fold the rear down to form the lower half of his body, flip out the boots and feet. Slide the cannon onto his right shoulder, which should cause his head to pop out. Rotate the forearms and you're done. There are panels on his calves that cover the thighs, and close up once the boots are out - a nice touch.

Height: 27cm Width: 17cm

   Again mainly grass green, Megatron has silver feet, thighs and forearms, along with a silver head. The face is purple and the eyes musk, with black eyebrows. The waist is silver and the groin forest green. The colour scheme is still rather gaudy, but the silver buckethead means the robot ends up looking better. The facial sculpt looks like a stylised cartoon Megatron face, with a long chin and accentuated angles. The purple cannon is now a right-shoulder cannon, and looks good (other than the stupid sticker it bears, of course).

   The boots are huge, being the back quarters of the tank, while the front of the tank protrudes on the chest, and along with the shoulder cannon this means the tank elements are quite obvious in robot mode. This robot mode is really just a series of large blocks, and as a result he looks awfully static.

   The shoulders can rotate and the elbows lift up. Lifting his arms up will set off a sound effect, which gets annoying, and makes a mockery of his already limited poseability. If ever there was a toy that could have used poseability to offset blockiness this is it, but sadly Megatron's poses fail convey any sense of motion. The head doesn't move and there's no real leg motion. The missile launcher still works, and on his shoulder it's actually quite cool.

   While this is his better mode, it's not really an impressive robot mode. The size could be impressive if he wasn't so simple. The shoulder cannon is the highlight, and while it's nice, there are lots of other Transformers with similar launchers that have more happening other than projectiles.


   None that I'm aware of.


   This toy manages to combine G2's horrible colours with the simple engineering of late G1, and for that reason it's a pretty bad flagship toy. Combat Hero Megatron, released the next year, copied the layout of this toy, but added lots of poseability and did it at a cheaper price. This version has electronics, but I prefer poseability to a giant unposeable toy that needs large blocks in which to hide electronics. While this isn't the worst Megatron toy we've seen, it's close - 3/10

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