G2 Grimlock Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Grimlock
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Dinobot Commander
Alt Mode: Tyrannosaurus rex

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me G2 Grimlock for this review

Height: 12cm, drop to 10cm if you stand Grimlock in the pose later decided to be the correct pose for this animal. Length: 18cm (or 20 if he lifts his tail) Width: 8cm

   A dark blue repaint of the original, Grimlock is a royal blue tail-dragging T-Rex. The tip of his tail and forelegs are chrome silver while the next is smoky plastic with gold chrome underneath. He has red eyes and couple of stickers, but this Grimlock is very much dominated by blue. I'm not really a fan of this blue, not because it's a bad shade but they've simply swapped silver plastic for blue, and the other colours don't really fit in against it, giving Grimlock a knock-off feel. There are also rarer turquoise and silver versions (the latter is almost identical to the G1 version), but the majority of G2 Grimlocks come in blue. There's a yellow G2 stamp on the left side of the tail, just before it silver tip.

   As mentioned above, Grimlock is an old-school style T-rex, that is he drags his tail. Of course this toy was developed in the 1970s, way before the scientific community decided the T-rex runs like a Velociraptor. By the time this toy was released, the tail-dragger had been consigned to the dustbin of history, but the mould was pretty much set. Grimlock can still walk upright, mind you.

   Grimlock is a pretty show/comic accurate Dinosaur - aside from the obligatory G2 colour swap. His "arms" move, as do his legs, and as an added bonus so do the claws on his feet. His head moves and his jaw opens - to reveal a moulded laser where his tongue would be if he had one - which is a nice touch. Being a Diaclone toy, Grimlock has a few little things like that which later Transformer-specific moulds missed, such as the moulding inside his Dinobot neck (basically his neck is transparent and inside there's moulded gold chrome plastic. His Diaclone cockpit is on his back (in both modes actually).

   I like the mould, and I generally like blue, but I don't really like this dinosaur mould since the colour swap is lazy and looks rather garish. A slightly less confronting colour would have made a big difference. It's still Grimlock, but this dinosaur mode just loses a lot of the magic of the G1 version.


   Flip back the head/neck, the T-rex chest splits apart and fold back to form his "wings". Split the tail tip apart and fold the halves to the sides of the tail. Swing the underbelly/legs up to where the T-rex chest was (so that the head is level with the top of the gold chest). Swing the tail over to form the lower legs, split the legs and push them out and up to transform the waist. Slide the wrists towards the shoulders (the T-rex legs become the arms), and you're done.

Height: 15cm Width: 12cm wings

   The blue retreats slightly here, making way for a gold chrome chest, black head with red eyes, a die cast metal red groin and black hands and thighs. The colour scheme is a lot better since the blue plays off the red and blacks quite well - and the chrome areas don't jar against the expanse of blue as was the case in T-Rex mode. Whilst the colours are again quite different from those of G1, at least this robot mode isn't garish - actually, it's pretty good.

   Again Grimlock is a fairly show/comic accurate toy, retaining all the major features in the TF media. Both the show and comic both retained his wings although the dinosaur head seems to disappear into subspace often. This head matches the media well, and hasn't been recoloured at all. While the blue inevitably drags him away from the media Grimlock, the supporting colours and show-like face ensure that this is still very much Grimlock with an updated paint job.

   He's not without his problems, though they are small. His head is a little far back, although we're not talking helipad on front of his face on his shoulders. Basically it sits at the back of his shoulderpads. Also, his arms are maybe a centimetre too long, but you only really notice this if he's standing to attention with his arms by his sides, but since Grimlock isn't one to follow orders, you've already moved his arms into a slightly forward, more natural pose, anyway, right? (c8

   Other than those two minor flaws, he's a well proportioned toy. He has a little bit of a backpack but the wings look cool and he has no trouble standing (unless you have a toy with dodgy knees), so I wouldn't really rate the backpack as a negative.

   He can move his arms on swivels as most G1 toys can, and bend his knees. Other than that he's a statue. You can position the wings to a swept forward or swept back position, but it's not really a poseability feature as such. This is a good repaint, although it's not really better than the G1 version, since it departs from the character a little too much. At least the blue _works_ in Grimlock's robot mode.


   Released in G2 in Silver, Blue & Turquoise, with the supporting colours the same. The majority of G2 Grimlock toys are blue, with the other colours being much rarer. I have never seen the Turquoise so I cannot comment on it, the silver one is essentially the same as the G1 version.


   A good mould and an iconic character, but Grimlock is held back by inattentive recolouring. The blue shade used is nice enough, but it's badly implemented on his T-Rex mode, which holds this toy back. The robot mode looks nice enough, but considering that the original looks better, I can't really recommend G2 Grimlock as anything other than a placeholder. The mould is still good, so if this repaint does appeal to you, then I wouldn't recommend _against_ him - 6/10

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