G2 Flamefeather Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Flamefeather
Series: Generation 2 (non-US)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Raid-Planner
Alternate Mode: Bird Monster

Height: 6cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 5cm

   A purple eagle monster with a purple tail and forelimbs, transparent flourescent orange head and hindlegs and a pair of flourescent green wings on top of a transparent orange backplate. Flamefeather has a yellow beak (same as the original actually) and silver eyes. The colour scheme on the original was actually fairly well done, but this nothing short of horrendous. I hope he doesn't come along on the raids he plans, he'd blow the cover for sure. Granted, a blue bird of prey was a bit of a stretch but this is so far off the mark it's not funny. All three colours clash with one another, and transparent orange is never a good idea.

   He looks like a flare, but this is actually the strongest of the three Firecon moulds. It's still a poor bird mode, there's no way around that, but Flamefeather has wings, moulded feathers, a distinct beak and the forelimbs look like birdclaws, making him the most well defined of the Firecons. The sculpt actually made a difference in G1 but is now overwhelmed by the painful colours. The wings look like those of a preening eagle - and as a result sit rather unnaturally. But, hey, at least they're bird wings, unlike the plane wings on Sparkstalker.

   He sort of stands on his hindlimbs with his body sloping upwards. The forelimbs can swing up and down, which is really it for the poseability, although the body can lift up and down, as part of his main gimmick.

   The idea of the Firecons is that you can lift up the legs and roll them along on the belly, and sparks will spurt out of their mouths. Unfortunately the internal gears around which this gimmick revolves wear very easily, leaving the gimmick dead. Flamefeather's mouth is about half an inch from the spark ejection point anyway, so even if the gimmick works, there's not much action outside of the toy. In keeping with the disaster that is this repaint, the rubber wheel used to activate the spark mechanism is composed of a softer rubber than on the Firecons, making the gimmick harder to activate.

   That this is the best animal mode amongst the Firecons is more an indictment on the others than a compliment to Flamefeather. Having said that, the few positives that his G1 version had are drowned out by the cacophony of colours that he sports. What was a poor bird mode is now nothing more than a bad joke.


   Fold the tail underneath, swing down his head, swing the wingplates down to the sides, revealing the robot head and chest. Straighten his legs and stand him up.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 5cm

   Flamefeather has transparent orange limbs, an orange head with a green face and purple torso. The head is actually a plate inserted into the top of his torso, which is a rectangular block. The face itself is actually fairly well moulded, with lips, a nose, eyes and even a chin (in fact all the Firecons have good facial sculpts). The green paint on his face is pretty ugly - but then so is everything else here. The good news is that it doesn't hide his facial sculpt as is the case on Sparkstalker.

   Flamefeather is now a G2 Sparkabot, but his poseability is as bad it was in his Firecon days. The arms are attached to the waist, and of course attach at the wrists. The legs attach to the sides of the central block, sitting directly below his hands, rather than below the torso. The back edge of the animal head sits above the rectangular central block, forming kibble. Rounding all of this out is the fact that's wider than he should be for this height, and wears the wings as arm kibble.

   There is no play value in this mode. Flamefeather basically stands there looking weird. In technicolour, no less. One of the least redeemable robot modes ever, I'm afraid.


   A repaint of the Firecon of the same name, Flamefeather wasn't released in North America - US and Canadian transfans should count their blessings.


   You've got to wonder what the guy who settled on these colours was on. The fact that this mould was revisited is bad enough - it's a terrible mould - but the colours make the entire episode even more unexplainable. The sculpt is the best of the three Firecons, but it's wasted in these colours. I suppose there's a humour in just how bad this toy is, but it's not a toy I'd recommend spending any money on - 0.5/10

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