G2 Fireflight Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Fireflight
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub Group: Aerialbot
Function: Reconnaissance
Alternate Mode: F-4 Fighter Jet

Height: 4cm Length: 13cm Width: 8.5cm

   Primarily red, Fireflight has white wings and a black rubberised nose. He's got black wavy stickers on his wings and tail with flames on the front. The right wing and tail have the number "3" on them, the left wing has his name on it. Aside from his name, this is a scheme more reminiscent of G1 - but then it's almost the same as the original Fireflight. Like the original, he's got a silver painted cockpit, but no longer does he have any Autobot ensignia. There's a few robot mode bits showing - some white plastic on the sides and the robot shoulders on the fuselage.

   In terms of play value, Fireflight has undercarriage, and can roll along, and the front wheel opens up. This is the only moving part of the plane mode. But then, fixed wing fighters don't do much other than fly (aside from shooting things down, of course). It's a decent plane mode for the size. He doesn't really stand out from his teammates Air Raid, Skydive & Slingshot. He's got not reals flaws as a plane, although the detail is limited.


   Fold up the front wheel, fold the nosecone up, fold the tail up to meet the nose. Extend the rear section, pull out the arms and stand him up. That's it.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 3cm

   In robot mode, Fireflight's got a silver chest, red thighs, white arms & lower legs. He's got a white head and silver eyes & mouthplate. His fists, kneecaps and feet are painted silver - these parts were all painted white on the original. His chestplate was original red. Aside from the extra silver the only other difference in this version is the lack of any stickers. As with the other Aerialbots, he's got a square head, square arms and square legs. His body is formed from the central block of the fuselage, in case you're wondering why his robot mode sounds like a Volvo. His chestplate is metal, his shoulders are on ball joints - these are probably the most noteworthy features of Fireflight's robot mode. it's not that he's bad, he's just kind of boring - more so than the original now that he's been stripped of his stickers.


   None as such, but he's virtually identical to the G1 version.


   Nothing bad, nothing great. His biggest drawback is that he's so similar to the original - which is probably the most noteworthy feature of this toy. Of course, it also means he makes a great substitute for the original. He fits the G2 Aerialbot colour theme well, and is certainly one of the more tasteful G2 recolours. Of course the overwhelming reason to get him is so that Superion isn't missing a limb. Not really worth seeking out by himself, but you need him for G2 Superion, and he does make a useful substitute for the original - 5/10, although if you have G1 Fireflight this version is really a double on it's own

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