G2 Devastator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Devastator
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger & Scrapper.

Height: 21cm Width: ~15cm (depending on how you position Scavenger's bucket & arm)

   A six member Gestalt team, Devastator has Scavenger for a right arm, Bonecrusher for a left arm, Hook for his upper torso, Long Haul for his lower torso, Mixmaster for gis left leg and Scrapper for his right leg.

   G2 Devastator is pretty much a straight colour swap for the original Devastator with the purple replaced by a lighter purple shade and the green replaced by either yellow or a bright orange, with the yellow being far more common. The paint job and sticker sheets are pretty much identical, although there are some slight individual changes not evident on the gestalt itself (notably the G2 stamps).

   I've always thought of Devastator as one of the weaker G1 Gestalts, although he's also the most iconic and recognisable. The individual robots are all very good toys, which is more than can be said for other Gestalts, such as Piranacon, who has a strong combined mode and some really bad individual toys. The biggest problem I have with Devastator is the amount of add-on parts (ten, in total) including both lower arm sections. The worst part is the connecting pieces that join Long Haul & Hook to each other and Long Haul to both Mixmaster and Scrapper. The other thing that has always bugged me about this Gestalt is the fragility of him. You only have to pick him up for things to fall off, especially the chest & waistplates.

   On mine at least, this version hold together than my G1 Devastator, but that toy is really fragile. Whilst the design was very much dated by the time G2 came along, Devastator ranks as one of the better repaints in that line - and his colours are far superior to those of G2 Bruticus. I actually really like the yellow and purple colour scheme, so while the design might have been outdated, G2 Devastator still displays well.

   Despite the flaws in this design, Devastator still has other things to like aside from the colours. He _looks_ like a fusion of six construction vehicles, as opposed to Abominus who doesn't look like he's made of animals. He's also very bulky & imposing looking. He's more show accurate than most Gestalts, also (colours aside in this case!).


   As mentioned, G2 Devastator came in either (common) yellow or (rare) orange versions. I have the yellow set along with a lone orange Bonecrusher. This set was never released here in Australia (instead we got the crappy "European" Constructicons, although we did get the G1 set also). On a personal note, this set took me six years to complete, since I had to import nearly everything after finding a couple of pieces locally - so I'm really satisfied to have the whole set.


   Sure it's a limited design, especially alongside some of the new moulds of the G2 era, but he actually got a _good_ repaint, and there are no outliers like G2 Slingshot to ruin the theme. The colour scheme is actually slightly better than the original in my opinion, although having said that G1 colours are iconic - so most who only get one set will go for G1. The fragility is still there, along with the fleet of addons for the combined mode. Still, it's a good set of six toys that make him up, and he _looks_ great, even if he doesn't have the best play value or engineering. Whether or not you'll want to grab him instead of/as well as the G1 is up to you, but for what he is, G2 Devastator is a good set - 7/10

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