G2 Cindersaur Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cindersaur
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Tyrannosaurus rex

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me G2 Cindersaur

Height: 12cm Length: 23cm Width: 6.5cm

   A royal blue T-rex with transparent blue on the sides of his body and the top of his tail, Cindersaur has transparne blue forelimbs and some bright purple on his underside and neon green on his neck and eyes. There are generous splashes of silver paint including claws and vertebrae-like markings along his back and tail, as well as some red here and there. There's a silver G2 Decepticon logo stamped on his right hip. It's an awful colour scheme, and this is very deliberate - rather than being a tribute of the original G1 Cindersaur, it's tributing G2 Flamefeather & Sparkstalker (and is a repaint of 10th Anniversary BW Megatron).

   While this is a Beast Wars mould, the design is clearly not from the same era as the original BW toys - in fact it suits G2 more. Cindersaur's skin is a mixture of reptilian skin and robotic sculpt, with stuff such as hoses, wires and the like on his body. His head is quite robotic, and the colours are anything but organic.

   In keeping with the anatomical detail of Beast Wars, Cindersaur is a modern take on the T-rex, with his tail hanging out the back as a balance rather than dragging on the ground, and the forelimbs are vestigial rather than functional. This beast mode is far more realistic & convincing than the ill-defined purple lump we saw in G1.

   The poseability here is good if not spectacular. The head can lift up and down, while the neck rotates, giving Cindersaur a great range of vision. The upper jaw lifts to open the mouth, revealing a purple tongue. The hips swing, the knees are hinged and there are two hinges per ankle, giving Cindersaur a range of stable walking poses.

   Cindersaur comes with a transparent blue & purple Planet Key, featuring another stamped silver G2 Decepticon logo. This key plugs into the underside of his tail, painting a slightly disturbing picture. As the key plugs in, his tail lifts up to reveal a backwards pointing missile launcher. There's a single grey missile, which can be fired by a small button on the right side. I appreciate the fact that the missile is launched by a button rather than by the key, even if the firing missile is another dubious image. Okay, so maybe the buttplug and projectile are unusual, but taking the connotations out, it's a successful gimmick.

   While the colours are at the more insane end of G2's legacy, it suits this particular repaint. The beast mode is better defined than that of any Firecon, it's a clearly defined T-rex with a decent gimmick, even with it's questionable imagery, and the poseability is pretty good.


   Broadly similar to the original BW Megatron, but the engineering is all new. The side panels unclip and lift up (taking the forelimbs with them). The tail unclips and swings underneath, between the legs, while the front of the back folds up, releasing the head. The robot torso, buried inside his chest, rotates into place with the robot head concealed inside his chest. The beast head becomes his right hand, with the neck straightening to become his arm, while the tails becomes his left arm. The ankles fold down and heelspurs fold out, giving Cindersaur much bigger footprints in robot mode than beast mode. Lastly, the beast mode hipplates swing down slightly, sitting on the outside of his thighs.

Height: 14cm Width: 11cm

   Again a confronting mix of royal blue, bright purple, neon green and transparent blue, Cindersaur's forearms, boots, groin and head are blue while the elbows and thighs are neon green. His torso and shoulders are purple with green painted details and the transparent blue is on his right forearm. He sports a green face with red eyes - really the only aspect of this colour scheme which matches the original (although I don't think this was deliberate). There are red and silver painted details here and there, rounding out a garish but well laid out colour scheme. While that statement might seem to contradict itself, it's clear whoever put this repaint together made sure the colours here fit a pattern, even if the colour palette looks like the result of illicit drug use. Again the colours fit the general G2 Firecon theme well.

   The layout here is based on BW Megatron, so he sports the dinosaur head as a right hand and the tail as his left hand. This tail can actually detach to reveal a somewhat rudimentary hand with three digits, which is purple (breaking up the colour symmetry). I prefer the missile launcher to the hand - it looks more menacing and proportionally it's big, making it look impressive. Being a Megatron repaint, Cindersaur has a distinctive buckethead, and while this ties him into another G1 Character, in these colours there's no tribute to anything but G2 Firecons - and the original Cindersaur toy was s ill-defined that there's no reason why he couldn't have a bucket head of his own.

   The sculpt here follows the style of the beast mode, with a mix of organic and robotic sculpt. The feet are quite big, thanks to the ankle folding during transformation. The the panels on his back are well folded away fairly well, which reduces the transparent blue to the outside of the tail on his arm. The blue thighpads are quite noticeable, although they stay out of his way for the most part. They're imitating the hip launchers of BW Megatron, which wouldn't have worked on this scale (and were kind of annoying anyway).

   The poseability here is varied. His head is on a ball joint but doesn't move much, since there's a plate behind it (which doesn't get in the way visually, at least). The arms have some poseability, but the nature of the forearms means that only certain poses feel right - they're both actually quite poseable but you'll favour a few positions. The hips are ball jointed while his knees are hinged. The legs end up fairly poseable even if there aren't many ball joints, since the large footprints and heelspurs mean the poses you can achieve are poseable.

   The now removable missile launcher makes a pretty cool handheld weapon, and the functionality is the same as in beast mode, without the questionable anatomy. The missile can now fire forward, making this gimmick even more effective in robot mode.

   Other than large feet(and deliberately awful colours), there aren't any real flaws here - although the arm articulation isn't ideal. The basic layout is works, even if the inspiration for this mould is very obvious here. Much of the poseability here is dictated by that original bodyplan, but the addition of a hand and a missile launcher are improvements. As a deluxe, this is a decent robot mode. The colour scheme might look capable on inducing epilepsy, but then it's _meant_ to be overly bright, and works in this respect, while avoiding a chaotic look.


   None that I'm aware of. Cindersaur was exclusively available at BotCon 2010, and as such was most likely limited to a single production run, making variants unlikely.


   There are two ways to look at this repaint (and I'm not talking about using sunglasses, although I wouldn't recommend against that). On one hand it's a garish colour scheme with awfully bright colour choices, and Cindersaur breaks the rules of aesthetics. On the other hand, this garishness is the whole point, and the tribute to the G2 Firecons works very well. The choices of purple and green ties into the G2 toys nicely, while the royal blue keeps things a little more sane. The Cybertron-era mould makes Cindersaur a _much_ better toy than any previous Firecon (yes, even in these colours), thanks to the the poseability and key gimmick. While by Cybertron standards it's only a fair toy, and there's a distinct BW Megatron feel to the robot mode, this is a very clever repaint which tributes nicely. While this is one for those who remember the G2 era, I recommend Cindersaur if you "get" the tribute, since this is one convention exclusive which I expect will stay at relatively affordable prices. If you don't get the tribute... skip him - 8/10

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