G2 Brawl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Brawl
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Ground Assault
Alt Mode: Tank

Height: 3cm (6 if you add his guns) Length: 9cm Width: 4.5cm

   A green tank with purple treads and purple camouflage. He's got a black turret and his rear mounted add-on guns are purple. Typical of G2, Brawl is very bright, although he is reasonably faithful to the original.

   His turret spins freely around 360 degrees, although if you add the extra guns it can't point backwards. The extra guns make the attack mode - not that tanks can't attack anyway - and can point forwards or up to around 85 degrees.

   The movements of the turret and the attack guns is complimented by the wheels on the bottom of the treads, allowing a rather well armed Brawl to roll into battle.

   A pretty standard sort of tank, with very non-standard colours. Bright green is not a good colour when you want to blend in, but at least he has camouflage, I suppose.


   Remove the attack guns if present, pull forward the front section, pull up the turret, swing the rear section down to form the legs. Swing the front section down to reveal the head and keep swinging the sides down to form arms. Push the turret back in and give him back his handgun.

Height: 9cm, 11.5cm to tip of turret Width: 4cm

   The green & purple scheme is continued into this mode, he has purple thighs, a purple groin and a purple head with red eyes. He's a fairly good square-peg combiner in this mode, very stocky & blocky.

   The arms swing at the shoulders, and there are moulded fists on the insides of his arms - although you have to look to see them. He has holes on the fronts of the arms anyway to accommodate the gun, and these do an OK job for hands anyway. The knees bend, though this is actually part of the transform it still does allow him two more joints. The turret can still swivel in this mode, though I can't see any reason why it would have to.

   His chest is the only green spot with no camouflage patterning, and to be honest the green looks better with camouflage, since it dulls it down.


   None as such, though it's a well worn mould.


   A decent Scramble City component, Brawl's very beefy looking, which fits in with his character. The biggest failing of this version is the garish colour scheme, but it's better than most G2 Combaticons. One of the better combiner limbs, actually, although his hands are a tad lacking. Brawl's always been a favourite of mine, but I'd recommend the original first - 5/10

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