G2 Bonecrusher Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bonecrusher
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Demolitions
Alternate Mode: Bulldozer

Height: 4cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   Almost entirely yellow in this mode, Bonecrusher is essentially a straight colour swap compared to his G1 counterpart. The black engine grille remains the same, and he now sports a purple stamped G2 Decepticon symbol and the word "Decepticon" in his shovel. The roof and the arms of the tray are composed a of a different, slightly softer, plastic. Unlike on the G1 version, the two yellow plastics match perfectly. This yellow colour scheme isn't really any better or worse than that of the original - the plastics line up better but the G2 stamp is a little distracting. If anything, the green might have an advantage purely for cartoon colours.

   Bonecrusher has no wheels on which to roll, so he just slides along on his fixed treads. His shovel can tilt up and down, however. The play value is more or less what G1 moulds dish up - but some wheels would have been nice, especially when you compare Bonecrusher to some of G2's new moulds. Despite being a statue, Bonecrusher looks very good as a dozer, though the way he transforms can make him hard to hold together once the joints get a bit loose. Luckily, while he's worn underneath, mine's still tight enough to stay together when I slide him around. Oh, he can carry Devastator's wrist with a missile replacing the fist on top of the engine block, but it looks pretty stupid - and it's purple on a totally devoid-of-purple yellow bulldozer.

   A good colour scheme (one colour can't clash!), a good bulldozer for the size, although with limited play value. In truth, the green version appeals more, since that's the classic Constructicon colour - but it's hard to hold colour switch like this against Bonecrusher, especially alongside some other G2 toys.


   Fold back the roof, swing out the sides of the engine block, swing up the shovel. Fold up his head, fold out the treads to form the legs, slide the tips of the treads and fold them up to form his feet. Rotate the arms and fold them down. Give him his gun.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Again, he's primarily yellow, except for a black head, purple groin, chrome silver arms and black fists. The purple plastic used is slightly brighter than that of G1 (which was also used for the European version, also yelllow). By virtue of a very innovative transform, he's got no kibble, since the shovel is now his chestplate. He's also rather stocky & tough looking, since his arms actually stick out and then point down. Basically his upper arms are stuck pointing outwards. This is appropriate for Bonecrusher, mind you, he's meant to be a brute and something of a thug. Oh, he also has a much bigger upper torso than lower torso, which enhances this stocky look.

   He can look down and he's able to look up since his legs fold back, but his real poseability is in his arms. The shoulders rotate freely, and his elbows fold (albeit out to the sides). Sounds weird, but his arms can hold a gun to the side

   A very nice robot mode to display, by virtue of his stockiness, which I really like. The stockiness suits the character. Again the colour scheme doesn't quite stack up the cartoon-advertised green of the original, but that's not really the fault of this toy.


   As mentioned, this figure is a repaint of the original G1 Bonecrusher. There were both yellow and orange versions in G2, I have both versions - Bonecrusher is the only G2 Constructicon I have in orange. The "European" version was very similar, and while that toy used the same shade of yellow, the soft plastic pieces (shovel arm, canopy) were grey and the purple plastic was notably darker than on this toy. The European toy was sold without Devastator parts.


   While this is one of the stronger Constructicons, Bonecrusher's mould was quite dated by the time this version came out. Having said that, he has much nicer colours than many G2 toys (both new and repainted). Still, judged alongside moulds of the same age, Bonecrusher is a good toy, and if you're putting together G2 Devastator, you'll need him - 8/10

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