Transformer Toy Reviews - "European" G1

(at this stage the line was cancelled in the United States, but the original line kept going in Canada, Australasia & Europe)


Circuit - Powerflash - Rumbler - Sideswipe - Tracks
Omega Spreem - Windmill
Flame - Gripper - Lightspeed

Bombshell - Charger - Slicer - Take-Off - Thundercracker
Double Punch - Turbomaster


"Drillhorn" - "Jaruga" - "Killbison" - "Leozak"
Boss - Flash - Hurricane - Rotorstorm - Scorch - Thunderclash
Bonecrusher - Hook - Long Haul - Mixmaster - Scavenger - Scrapper

   The "European" Constructicons - so named since this was the first time they were released in most of Europe - are not the same as the G2 Constructicons. They do not have G2 stamps, and Bonecrusher, Hook, Scavenger & Scrapper have grey parts. The plastic purple parts are the same shade as on the G1 Constructicons, not the lighter purple of Generation 2. Hook does not have the metal peg that Bonecrusher attaches to & Scavenger has the metal peg on his chest removed. Long Haul is pretty much the same, lacking only the G2 stamp. These guys didn't come with Devastator parts (or names or specs, for that matter).

   France also got a set of Yellow constructicons during G1, which were more or less identical to the later G2 versions (presumably without the G2 stamps), and came with combining parts. I've never actually seen one of these in the flesh.

Falcon - Skydive - Skyquake - Snare - Stalker - Talon


Aquafend - Deluge - Speedstream - Jetstorm
Deftwing - Ironfist

Aquablast - Drench - Hydradread - Rage
Calcar - Fearswoop

(In late 1993 Hasbro relaunched Transformers in the USA as "Generation 2" - which was reflected in the toylines outside the USA)

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