Generations FOC Rewind Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rewind
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Data Disc

Height: 1.5cm Length: 1.5cm Width: 1.5cm

   A small black disc, which is essentially the shape of a hockey puck, his top side is painted dark red with a with complex hgold circuitry detailing. The centre of the disc is also painted red with a gold Autobot logo in the middle. Around the sides and on the underside are some grey robot mode elements. The colours evoke G1 Rewind, but they're generic enough that this mode is pretty much generic. The red makes him less like his G1 counterpart that most data discs.

   This is a rather indistinct alt mode on it's own. Without Blaster, he's little more that a folded up robot. Okay, so he's a data disc - I guess a Cybertronian take on a cassette, but without context there's nothing to see here.

   There's some play value here. He can be stored inside the transparent red casing he comes packaged with or stowed inside Blaster's chest. The idea is that Blaster can fire the disc out and your data disc will auto-transform. It works reasonably well with this figure, too.

   A rather underwhelming alt mode, but to be fair he _is_ well folded up. There's little to get excited about when dealing with a small black and red disc whose only purpose is to fire out of Blaster's chest.


   Basically, when he hits the table, there's a grey button underneath which presses & the entire thing unfolds thanks to a series of springs. Of course, you can press the button yourself. The "sides" become his legs, the top becomes the arms while the head and torso are concealed underneath his arms. The arms are "up" so you will need to seeing them down manually as well as flu& also flip out his feet.

Height: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A black robot with grey feet, thighs and waist along with grey on the outside edges of the torso. His face is painted red with a gold eyestrip while there's also gold on his chest, waist & shins, painted to match his G1 paint mask. There's a red Autobot logo stamped on his chest. While the colours in disc mode are somewhat generic, here they really do evoke G1 & they make it clear that this is Rewind.

   While the head is necessarily small, it's clearly modelled on the G1 toys, and really nails the tribute here. The gold eyestrip is done well, despite the small size. The arms are thin but work well enough - there are no guns unlike G1.

   While the limbs feature joints, only the shoulders offer any poseability as the leg joints are all spring loaded. So poseable arms constitute all of his play value.

   A nice looking robot with strong G1 overtones thanks to the face & careful attention to the paintmask. There's no play value but then at this size I don't expect much. It displays well and that's pretty much all I'd ask anyway.


   Sold with Sunder. The Takara version (which I have), sold with Ramhorn, Eject & Sunder, has silver painted fists, making him a closer match to G1. It also has a notably lighter red paint.


   Okay so there's no recognisable alt mode as such, he's essentially a folded up robot designed to be fired out of a larger Transformer. Having said that the auto transform gimmick works quite well. The colours evoke G1 Rewind well and the face matches G1 very well. Eject comes with a new mould (Ramhorn) so I'd recommend him over Rewind - although they do work well as a pair. You really need Blaster the alt mode worthwhile, but Soundwave can also be used if you have him - 7/10

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