Generations FOC Ravage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ravage
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Data Disc

Height: 1.5cm Length: 1.5cm Width: 1.5cm

   A small charcoal disc, which is essentially the shape of a hockey puck, his top side is painted with complex silver circuitry detailing. The centre of the disc is unpainted, while right in the middle is a black dot with a silver Decepticon logo. Around the sides and on the underside are some black robot mode elements. The colours are generic enough that this mode doesn't really evoke Ravage - or anyone else.

   This is a rather indistinct alt mode on it's own. Without Soundwave or Soundblaster, he's little more that a folded up robot. Okay, so he's a data disc - I guess a Cybertronian take on a cassette, but without context there's nothing to see here.

   There's some play value here. He can be stored inside the transparent purple casing he comes packaged with or stowed inside Soundwave or Soundblaster's chest. The idea is that Soundwave can fire the disc out and your data disc will auto-transform. It works reasonably well with this figure, too.

   A rather underwhelming alt mode, but to be fair he _is_ well folded up. There's little to get excited about when dealing with a small blue disc whose only purpose is to fire out of Soundwave's chest. Even compared to the other data discs, Ravage is quite generic; and in all charcoal he lacks the personality that other others get through their signature colours.


   Basically, when he hits the table, there's a black button underneath which presses & the entire thing unfolds thanks to a series of springs. Of course, you can press the button yourself. The top flips back to become his back end and tail while the top sides become his forelegs and the bottom sides become his hindlegs. You'll have to fully transform these legs. The tail is also manually folded out, although the head will pop out automatically from between the forelegs.

Height: 4cm Length: 10cm Width: 3.5cm

   A charcoal robotic jaguar with some silver painted details; although the silver is quite sparse with some on his legs, neck and tail - including that little Decepticon logo on his tail. There's a lot of fairly generic robotic sculpt on this toy, at least. While the colour scheme is bland, at least now it is clearly Ravage thanks to the cat shape.

   This is more of a generic quadruped than distinctly a cat; the body is kind of arched but not especially elegant or sleek. There's only so much that can be done with something this small that folds up into a disc, I suppose. The head isn't all that cat like although there are silver painted teeth and tiny gold painted eyes. The limbs are all quite distinct.

   While the limbs feature joints, they're all only really useful for his transformation so Ravage essentially has no play value here.

   A very limited cat mode whose highlight is the sculpt - but it's not enough to really make this animal mode anything special. In fact this is the weakest robot mode of the data disc toys I've sampled.


   None that I'm aware of. He was sold with Rumble.


   Okay so there's no recognisable alt mode as such, he's essentially a folded up Jaguar designed to be fired out of a larger Transformer. The jaguar mode is poor and Ravage's colours are just too generic to give this toy any personality. I am disappointed that the head isn't very catlike, and honestly would have preferred if the spring loaded transformation didn't require some manual work on the basic legs. A nice enough accessory for Soundwave; but then he already comes with one - 4/10

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