Generations G2 Bruticus Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bruticus
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Brawl, Blast Off, Onslaught, Vortex & Swindle.

Height: 27.5cm Width: 24cm

   A rather unsubtle mix of neon colours with purple and black throughout. Bruticus has a yellow torso & yellow thighs, while the limbs are all different colours - one neon red, one neon green, one white & the last baby blue. The exact layout depends on how you configure him (the standard is red & green legs). Much of the purple is in the form of camouflage although there's a lot on the core as well. His head is black with a silver face & red eyes; Onslaught's robot chest forms the centre of his chest & sports a black painted G2 Decepticon logo.

   The weapons of the individual robots combine to form a somewhat ungainly but very visible handgun (although Onslaught's twin cannon sits on his back). The limbs all form differently - all four individual robots can form arms or legs, although Blast Off isn't terribly successful as either (the arm is ungainly & the foot has stability issues). This interchangeability is a throwback to the G1 Bruticus, and while it's nice to see a gestalt composed of 5 poseable toys which can swap around, it does come at the expense of stability; aside from Blast Off's lack of a true foot & some of the joints in the legs cause some issues. He can stand, mind you. Swinging shoulders is all he gets in the way of useable poseability.

   Bruticus is visually impressive, thanks to generous dimensions, a head that is faithful to that of G2 Bruticus and some nice visual features such as Vortex's blades on his arm & the cannons on his back.


   This is a repaint of the regular Generations Bruticus & the similar Comicon set. Ruination is a retooling of Bruticus.


   An ambitious & moderately successful modern take on the square-peg combiner sets. The pegs used here differ a little but the principle is the same; it allows interchange of limbs. The added aspects are poseable components & integrated fists/head/feet and such. None of the individual toys are outstanding toys & all make some compromises, but there's still some value in each of them & the combined form works fairly well given the sheer number of joints in the set. This particular lot was only available as a boxset, and with 5 toys of varying quality (Vortex stands out, Onslaught is also quite good) it does represent good value for its price. Recommended if you like combiners, G2 tributes or simply the concept of this set - 7.5/10

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