Generations G2 Brawl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Brawl
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Hovertank

Height: 4.5cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   A green hovertank with purple camouflage & twin black cannons on the turret, Brawl's colour scheme is taken directly from G2 Brawl, although he is repaint of the regular Fall Of Cybertron Brawl. There's a large black G2 Decepticon logo underneath the cannon and some silver panels on the rear sides, but this is a very simple colour scheme. The purple camouflage paint is consistent across seams (as is the case on the entire Bruticus set), and there's some faux treads on the front sides which are painted purple - but this looks like it's meant to be decorative rather than trying to look like treads as it's more link like (and on the sides) than wheel-like.

   While I don't mind the hovertank concept here, I do wish that Brawl had some wheels - there's nothing underneath that even looks like a wheel. It limits Brawl's play value but also gives him an incomplete feel. The main body of the tank itself is sort of a stretched hexagon shape, and it's a very angular affair. The turret sits towards the back of the vehicle - the cannon doesn't protrude out the front at all. There's a fairly complex sculpt here but it's all generic really & doesn't stand out.

   The play value here is okay - there's a glaring lack of wheels of course so he can't roll along (nor hover, obviously). The turret swings through 360 and can lift up maybe 30 provided it's within 20 or so of pointing forward - the joint that allows this is actually for Brawl's transformation but offers some usefulness nonetheless. Brawl's black handgun can attach between the cannons, adding a little more play value.

   A fairly uninteresting vehicle mode - the lack of any sort of wheels really hurts here. The hovertank feels a little undefined & the lack of wheels means he really does feel underdone. The colours are spot on, mind you. Overall this is a disappointing vehicle mode.


   Detach and set aside the handgun, if attached. Unclip and fold up the rear end, unclip and pivot back the rear sides to form his boots. Flip out the feet, swing the combining socket back & rotate the cannons 90. Pull out his head, swing the front of the fall treads down to form his forearms, swing out his fists & give him his handgun.

Height: 15.5cm Width: 9.5cm

   A green robot with black hands, feet, thighs and elbows, Brawl has a silver face with orange eyes. There are various other silver painted details, and another G2 Decepticon logo on his chest. There's no purple visible in this mode - it's conspicuous in its absence. The face really does look like that of Brawl in the G1 cartoon. While there's an awful lot of green here, this colour scheme works really well.

   While the vehicle mode is something of a non-event, Brawl's robot mode is well formed with a more distinctive sculpt. He's quite lanky with long legs and has some kibble on his back (and ... skidplate), including the cannons sticking up behind his head - the only tank-like element visible here (there's not many in tank mode, mind you). Brawl also has some interesting suspension like details on his midriff which looks great painted in silver.

   Brawl's play value is fairly limited. The handgun can plug into either hand, there are no gimmicks and the turret on his back doesn't do anything really. His shoulders swing - although the upper arms don't actually separate from the torso - while his neck, elbows and hips are ball jointed. There are hinges in the knees supported by well concealed rotators in his thighs. His feet are hinged but only for transformation. There are small heelspurs which aren't much use for action poses but surprisingly useful for an upright stance. As with many modern Transformers, his feet are shaped for a slightly open stance. His waist swivels on an unusual joint - it doesn't so much move from side to side as wiggles from left to right.

   A decent robot mode without any standout features. The facial sculpt is nice & the colours work well but Brawl doesn't have any features here that make him stand out in a crowd. This is definitely his better mode, despite the kibble on his back.


   None that I'm aware of. He's a recolour of the Comicon Brawl & "regular" FOC Brawl. Twintwist is a retool of Brawl.


   Probably the weakest toy in his set, Brawl has a pretty poor vehicle mode, a nice enough robot mode & a good colour scheme, but there's just not enough good here to make up for the underdone feel of his hovertank mode. Wheels would have gone a long way here. Recommended only so you can put together G2 Bruticus - 4.5/10

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