Generations G2 Blast Off Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blast Off
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Space Shuttle

Height: 5.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 11cm

   A white Cybertronian shuttle with purple camouflage, silver painted recesses and black windows. The colours are unmistakably G2 Blast Off - and I hope that purple camouflage makes more sense in orbit around Cybertron than it does around Earth. The colours themselves work well aesthetically and define this toy's identity well. There's a backwards facing G2 Decepticon logo on the portside wing.

   The "windows" are not so much windows as flat black regions, but there's a nice pair on the angular nose of this vehicle that help define this arrowhead shaped vehicle as a space vehicle. Okay, so Cybertronian vehicles don't really need anywhere for the crew, but it helps define Blast Off's vehicle mode so I'm glad this feature was added. The most distinct aspect of this vehicle is the large tubular rear section - something like a giant engine. It's here that Blast Off features silver recessed stripes - which are well sculpted with mechanical detailing. His sculpt is actually pretty good overall, in fact. There are five white tailfins on the white sections of this engine. He's not much to look at from the back and there's no undercarriage but overall this is a well designed vehicle mode.

   Play value is limited to attaching/detaching the guns. They plug into holes on either wing - which are Bruticus' fistholes (there are two as Blast Off can form the right or left arm). I prefer leaving them attached as they cover up these visible fists, but they do also largely cover his Decepticon logo, which probably should have been placed somewhere else anyway as it's not visible in robot mode.

   A well designed shuttle mode with colours that could only belong to G2 Blast Off. The weapons integrate well and the detailing is great, although I'd have liked to see undercarriage here.


   Detach & set aside the guns. Unclip the wings & rotator down and backwards to form his legs. Split the engine, pivot the halves up and forward (they're likely to pop off), giving room to pop up the midpanel. Rotate the front section to form his torso, revealing the head. Push the midpanel back into place. Swing the arms out of the engine halves, clip the engine halves into the torso to form shoulderpanels. Give him his guns and you're done.

Height: 15cm Width: 11.5cm

   A white robot with purple thighs & upper arms, Blast Off has some purple camouflage remnants here and there. His toes, elbows and chest are black while his mouthplate is silver and his eyes red. For some reason his head features royal blue paints apps - which combine with the silver & red for a very Ultra Magnus (inner robot/Prime repaint versions) look. There's lots of silver on his shoulderpads. The colours again really mark this toy as G2 Blast Off - but I don't understand why he needs royal blue on his head (I'm fine with red eyes, since the original G2 toy has orange eyes anyway). Overall the colour scheme works well.

   The shoulderpads really dominate this robot mode visually. They're huge - we're talking hunchback of notre dame sized shoulders basically - with those tailfins now giving him three spines per shoulderpad. There are also winglets on his forearms. The cockpit is now his groin which works well as does the black strip across his chest. I like the idea of the prominent shoulderpads, but I don't really like how the shoulderpads point inwards slightly - it looks like he's mistransformed but he's not, which is annoying.

   Blast Off can hold the guns in either hand and they can combine into a compound gun although it doesn't look very good - I say leave them separate. The head turns while his waist is fixed. The shoulderpads sit on ball joints with hinges below them, but there's not much useful poseability between these two joints. The elbows and hips are ball jointed while the knees are hinged with rotators. The overall poseability is just okay since the shoulders are so restricted; Blast Off's play value is respectable here for a combiner limb, but by no means impressive.

   A decent robot mode which is attractive for the most part; but the paint choices on his head are a distraction. The shoulderpads are both the most interesting visual aspect here and the most significant flaw.


   None that I'm aware of. He's a recolour of the Comicon Blast Off & "regular" FOC Blast Off. Topspin is a retool of Blast Off with a different head.


   A decent effort for a toy that combines as either an arm or a leg, but Blast Off has some annoyingly needless shortcomings. The shuttle mode is his stronger mode, despite an almost total lack of play value. Both modes look good overall, but the colours on his head in robot mode make no sense and the shoulderpads needed some tweaking - they're awkward and pop off too easily. He's still a decent effort, but is one of those annoying toys that really should have been better but for some unfinished design business - 6.5/10

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