Fox Kids! Waspinator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Waspinator
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Aerial Attack
Alternate Mode: Wasp

Height: 7cm Length: 16cm Width: 19cm (Wingspan)

   A pale blue wasp with a gold and black striped abdomen and transparent royal blue wings, this Waspinator is a repaint of the original, green Waspinator. He has red compound eyes, bronze mouthparts, antennae, black front & middle legs. The rear legs are a metallic pea-soup colour, just to round out the bizarre colour set. The oily sheen on the wings of the original is lost this time around. While the colours of the original were perhaps a little unrealistic, the colours here are very unlikely to be seen in nature. The gold on his abdomen is nice, but the metallic pea soup and the blue wings stretch the friendship. The blues and golds (I'll shoehorn the pea soup in there) don't mesh as well as I'd like - and the red eyes really don't help in this regard. While some of Fox Kids! repaints managed some good colour schemes, this one is perhaps the worst of the lot.

   The back legs are very poseable - they have to be since they're also his robot legs. The front two sets are smaller and are attached to each other (left to left, right to right), so they're not as poseable. The wings are on ball joints and are fairly poseable, although they wont go as far down as a wasp's wings actually would on the downstroke during flight. But overall poseability is good. The only draw back being that once Waspy gets a bit old the joints loosen and he becomes hard to stand, so he has to rest on his body.

   While I like this mould and it's still identifiable as a wasp, I can't say that this repaint impresses me. If they eyes weren't red and the wings retained their sheen - maybe. As it stands, this colour set just clashes with itself. The mould is still pretty good, mind you, with attention to detail and nice poseability.


   Remove the gun from the abdomen, set it aside. Pull the robot legs out from the abdomen, swing the robot groin up into place, swing the thighs down and fold the shins up into place. It's best if you position the upper insect legs so he can bend his knees. Re-attach the wing that just fell off (they get loose after a while), fold out the robot arms and swing down & split the insect head to become the chest. Before putting the chest halves in place properly, swing down the grey panel between them to change the head (if you want to). Waspinator is from the days of Ye Olde Mutant Head, so you can give him a head like the cartoon or a more robotic head. I actually prefer the robot head, but keep him with Mutant Head since that's what I'm used to on the show (though I got the original toy before I saw the show). Lastly, swing the wings up and take a missile out from the bottom of one of them, stick it into his missile launcher and position him.

Height: 13cm Width: 18cm (wingspan)

   The pea soup really comes into its own now. His legs, forearms, head and chest are all pea soup while the sides of the chest are the split pale blue head of the wasp. There ere outbursts of black here and there and the red eyes are on his chest. The eyes are transparent blue with a very poor lightpipe while the blue wings protrude behind his shoulders. The colours aren't as striking now, and with one colour so dominant, they don't clash with themselves. But the pea soup isn't a good dominant colour, either. So the colours are as disappointing as in beast mode, albeit in a different way.

   Mouldwise, this is Waspinator from in the show. As with a lot of Beast Wars toys, the show version is _really_ closely modelled on the toy, so unless he has his robot head he'll look like he does in the show. It's a good looking robot, in terms of the mould. Lots of wasp bits are visible, but he's not a wasp standing up. His wings, wasp head, antennae & front legs are all clearly visible. The only bits that can get in the way are the front leg assemblies, attached on his forearms (longer than they appear on the show), but they can be snapped off for robot mode if it pleases you.

   As with most Beast Wars Deluxes, Waspinator is very posable. Head, hips, knees & shoulders are ball joints, with swivel joints just below his shoulders (so he can swing his arms around & point), and folding elbows. The only thing that really gets in the way is his abdomen if you want to kneel him, but he has huge feet so he can stand in pretty much any position. The missile launcher works fairly well, and looks fine as a gun if you want to leave the missiles in place (I got mine second hand, without missiles, so I have no choice here). The missiles, like the wings, are transparent royal blue. You can even leave the gun in place in the abdomen, though it'll noticeably add to the abdomen you can see between his legs, and take it from unobtrusive to being a little too big.

   While I think this mode brings out the character better, I don't think all that much of the colours here. It's a good mould, though, and Waspinator in bad colours is better than no Waspinator at all, I guess. The poseability, weapon and beast element placement still ensure that this robot mode has merit in these colours.


   None as such, but as mentioned this is a repaint of the original Waspinator.


   A good mould that's still worthwhile over a decade later, but these colours really are far below those of the original. Okay, so this toy is distinctly different to the original, but the colour choices really don't work. The robot mode's poseability, the weapon, the relative ease with which you can stand the insect mode and the show accuracy all make this a worthwhile _mould_, but I'd recommend the original (or its reissue) over this toy - and I'd also recommend Buzz Saw over this anyway. If you stumble across it for a few dollars, I'd nab him because the mould is good, but if you're really after Waspinator, skip it and find the green one - 4/10

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