Firestar Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Firestar (well, Novastar for legal reasons)
Series: Power of the Primes
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Car

Height: 4cm Length: 14cm Width: 15cm

   A red Cybertronian car with colourless transparent windows in the centre of the vehicle, Firestar has a transparent panel on the front with silver painted underneath, to make it Not a Windshield. There's a couple of orange painted details and pale yellow lines on the sides, with red Autobot logos. There's a third Autobot logo on top towards the rear. They've done a good job of making this straight repaint not look the same as Moonracer, thanks to the differing placement of the windows and the use of that pale yellow.

   While the layout doesn't look much like Moonracer, Firestar's vehicle mode as defined by the cartoon is a Cybertronian flatbed truck... and well this isn't that. I'm not complaining - it's nice to see this cartoon-only character from 1985 GET a toy - but yeah it's clearly different. I am complaining about the rather visible fists at the back - particularly given they stand out, being orange and all.

   Play value is fairly limited - but about what you'd expect from a POTP Deluxe. Her wheels spin freely; and there are 5mm holes on the outsides of the rear fenders and on top between the same fenders. You can plug her silver gun into any of these holes (although it can not point directly forward on the top hole) and the hand/foot accessory is meant to plug into - as always it looks awkward - and while the gun can plug into it and face forward, it will be sitting on either side which doesn't make things less awkward.

   A straightforward and fairly uneventful vehicle mode - although it's not really Firestar's G1 cartoon truck mode. The colours and layout of her window work well. The hands on the back are kind of ugly, while the play value isn't great. I'm happy enough that we got this toy, but the vehicle mode isn't where it's at.


   Detach and set any attached accessories. Unclip the arms at the back, swing the fenders underneath the car, straighten the arms and wrists. Lift up the rear of the top (her chest), flip out the head and close again. Rotate the waist - the entire front 2/3 of the car is being rotated. Unclip the central portion of the car and fold up into her backpack - it'll clip into place between the rear fenders. Rotate the legs back (only the lower section of her groin will be rotating), split the legs. Unclip and fold down her feet - her hood ends up underneath her heels. Position her arms, give her accessories as desired and you're done.

Height: 14cm Width: 5cm

   A red robot with orange thighs and hands, along with an orange crest atop her silver head. Firestar has a pale yellow face with light blue eyes and orange lips. Her waist and feet are silver along with a central patch on her chest featuring an Autobot logo (the same one from the top of her vehicle mode). Aside from her hands being yellow in the cartoon, this colour scheme is very faithful to the cartoon colours.

   I'm very happy that the head is retooled - and that it is very much Firestar's head as defined in the cartoon. While the vehicle mode is a clear compromise, the robot mode is on the money, and the head is a big part of this. The gun is different to that of Moonracer's, and curiously it's actually grey paint over a black base - with only the handle left unpainted.

   One notable aspect of this mould is the significant backpack - not for the backpack itself but in that Firestar's amazingly stable in spite of it. Sure, she can fall backwards if you bump her, but will happily stand without fear of her just falling backwards. Her feet are big and flat which helps anchor her and I'm glad to see she doesn't have high heels as tends to be the case with female Transformer toys. Oh, and she lacked stilettos in the cartoon, incidentally. The front fenders sit on the outsides of her shins, which is some visible kibble - but the wheels on the outsides of the boots are fairly accurate to the cartoon - a serendipitous coincidence, I think.

   While the backpack does rule out some poses where there's nothing supporting the weight on her back, she does have good poseability and a wide range of poses. Her neck, shoulders, elbows and hips are all ball jointed, her waist turns and her knees and ankles are hinged. There are also rather restricted ankle tilts and useful rotators in her thighs. The black handgun looks good and works well... but the less said about the chest plate formed from the combiner accessory, the better. It's nothing more than a way to use this piece in robot mode.

   While there's some kibble, the pieces on her legs are the only aspects of that kibble that are visibly obtrusive. Her backpack is substantial but her feet can support it. The colours and G1 likeness are good and her poseability is useful with no real issues. Sure, it's not a flawless robot mode, but the flaws she does have are a result of the cartoon deciding a dainty robot could turn into a boxy vehicle. What I like the most about this robot mode is how effortlessly this retooled Moonracer manages to not be a repainted Moonracer - this is all Firestar.


   None as such, but as mentioned she's a retool of Moonracer. Lancer & Greenlight are retools of Firestar.


   While the vehicle is inevitably way off, the robot mode does an excellent job of not feeling like a retool/repaint. The vehicle mode is not a bad vehicle mode - it's just that it's a red version of Moonracer's car mode. The head is well painted and retooled, making the robot mode really nice. The poseability in robot mode is good and while the play value in vehicle mode is more limited, that's more to do with the hand/foot accessory thing being as useless as those things always are. The orange hands in her car mode are my main complaint about this toy - but it's the only Firestar toy we've had and it's by no means a bad toy - so if you want a Firestar, this is a good figure - 7/10

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