Fire Guts God Ginrai Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Fire Guts God Ginrai
Series: Masterforce
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Supreme Supreme Commander
Alternate Mode: Road Train

I'm not going to cover all the various modes properly here - I've already written proper reviews of God Bomber, Super Ginrai and God Ginrai, so refer to those reviews for mould detail.

As a short summary of colour changes, Ginrai's silver & red plastics become bright orange, blue and God Bomber's silver become devil red and black stays black. The chrome switches from silver to orange. This review focuses on the impacts of these colour changes.

   There's a lot of orange here, since the silver plastic dominated the trailer which is very prominent here. The die cast metal on the cabin is painted orange, which is slightly lighter and brighter than the plastic of the his trailers. The transparent plastic of the windows is, of course, orange. The silver stripes on the cab remain silver, despite the grille, headlights and smokestacks gaining an orange tint. Curiously, the silver thighs of the smaller robot - which are partly visible here - remain silver as well. I like how the blue stripes on the trailer are now red.

   The red and orange theme is fairly well done here - while it doesn't quite emanate the "on fire" look that this toy is meant to represent, the colour scheme is still fairly consistent. The cartoon only showed the combined God Ginrai robot using his Fire Guts attack, yet the designer bothered to add an orange tint to the windows, proving that a lot of thought went into this toy. Okay, so a bright orange truck is ugly, but this repaint exists for a specific purpose and this mode works towards that purpose.

   This is the "Powermaster" figurine. The white torso is orange with some blue paint apps, the black boots remain black while the red arms and thighs are a metallic light orange - a plastic found nowhere else in the set. The engineblock is of course chrome orange. For some reason mine is a little tricky to remove from the front of the cab, but still unlocks the transformation, which is the main thing. Anyway, I'm not sure about the black boots, but they're a carry over here. This figure is even more peripheral in this set, which is really designed with the combined mode in mind.

   Orange on top, red at the bottom, with red forearms and a red heads. The face is silver along with the false stripes and grille - the real grille now on his back isn't even silver! The white groin is now orange, but the false window stickers are left blue, which is annoying. The thigh stickers have shifted from silver to red, which I like, but it makes me wonder why the thighs are painted silver, when leaving them unpainted red would have been cheaper.

   I'm generally pretty happy with this figure, but I wish those stickers were orange, red or even silver. The blue just feels out of place amongst all this orange and red. Since they cover screws, I don't like the option of just leaving them off - which I would prefer otherwise.

   With red replacing both silver and blue, something was always likely to come out a little "off". God Ginrai ends up covered in red - particularly his robot mode. His trailer mode works out okay since the front is chrome orange and the winglets on the back are fairly prominent, but the robot mode is covered in devil red - he looks demonic which wasn't quite the idea. His head is unchanged - black with a silver face. The chrome ends up on his back, of course, which is a shame since the front really needed some orange.

   The vehicle mode works okay with the chrome at the front, but God Bomber has a little too much red in robot mode, making him the weakest link in this set.

   This is the Powermaster Optimus Prime combined mode. Which ends up being orange with a red head, red hands and red boots. There's plenty of chrome on his thighs and waist, keeping things interesting with so much of the standard orange about. The silver and red both become orange here, so the cannons on his arms are now the same colour as his arms - it looks a little unusual, and the white waist is also orange. Which is where the chrome really helps this robot out. His face is silver with orange eyes - I suspect they're composed of the same metallic plastic seen on the mini figure, but it's hard to say for sure since they're recessed.

   There's a lot of orange with red on the fringes, and the black is mainly limited to the guns, but the layout of the two main colours here works well, since this mode is close to the combined mode which this set is focused on. As nice as this mode looks, God Bomber looks pretty dubious, so I'd still recommend combining them.

   This is the main show - everything combined into the massive robot. It was this form which was seen using the Fire Guts attach in the Masterforce cartoon, after all. I really like the end result - the chest is chrome orange along with the partially obscured thighs while the head, gloves and boots are red. The upper arms and wings are orange along with the orange ankle guns. His face is silver with orange eyes - and the silver on the face is the only significant silver here. The groin is black along with the shoulder launcher - sporting a chrome orange missile, the handguns are also black. While the show gave us an entirely orange God Ginrai (consumed in flames), this is a good representation of the concept which is fairly easy to recognise if you've seen the cartoon.

   If nothing else, Fire Guts God Ginrai stands out on the shelf, which he should in these colours - remember he's meant to be a giant ball of flame. While there are some silver aspects and various other colours on the stickers, this toy is all about orange and red and represents flame quite nicely.


   None that I'm aware of, but since Fire Guts God Ginrai was sold as an e-Hobby exclusive, I suspect this set was limited to a single production run, making variants unlikely.


   An interesting and innovative limited repaint, Fire Guts God Ginrai certainly brings something different to the mould. He's one for the more dedicated fans, however. I say this not only because of the fairly high after market prices, but also because the idea comes from a fairly obscure source. To be fair, the after market prices aren't actually that high compared to the original price, but it was never a cheap set. If you're a Masterforce fan or a fan of the idea, I would recommend this set - assuming you have the means. The repaint is for the most part very well done. Sure, God Bomber comes off a little weird and the blue chest panels of Ginrai are lazy, but the combined mode is the real focus and the designer has done well there - 8/10

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