Fangry Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Fangry
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Tracker
Alternate Mode: Werewolf

Height: 14cm Length: 11.5cm Width: 6cm

   A black bipedal wolf with extensive crimson on his backpack, tail and torso. The hindlegs and wings on his back are grey while the head and forearms are black with moulded fur. Fangry has a black "pouch" like that of a kangaroo, on his belly, which is the hatch under which Brisko hides. This panel bears a Decepticon logo sticker.

   The moulded fur is pretty good for G1, and isn't far behind BW. There are moulded teeth and nostrils on the snout, while his eyes are yellow. There's also moulded fur on the hindlegs, although the wings are moulded more like those of a pteranadon, without fur. The main body is pretty much angular and robotic, but for G1 Fangry's organic sculpt is pretty good. The tail, which drags behind, is quite clearly the robot arms joined together while the backpack sticks out somewhat and it's not too hard to pick as the robot boots.

   There's not a lot of play value here, not that I really expect much for a small Headmaster. The forelimbs swing and the hatch folds down to reveal the cavity for Brisko to ride in. The tech spec talks of his tail converting to an airgun, but the black handgun doesn't really belong on his tail - perhaps the design was changed at the last minute, or the tech spec writer had an active imagination.

   The bipedal werewolf is certainly an interesting idea, and helps Fangry stand apart from Weirdwolf, another Headmaster wolf. The colours work quite well, they're suitably dark for this creature and fit together well. There's an annoying beam between the hindlegs, which I suspect is there to hold them in place relative to his body, and the while wings and backpack are a little forced, I like this animal mode simply because it's an interesting monster with a well moulded head.


   Detach the wings, remove Brisko and close the hatch. Fold the head forward, swing up the backpack and straighten the legs. Turn him over, split the tail and swing the arms down to the sides. Attach the wings to the left forearm as a shield, plug Brisko (in head mode) into his shoulders, give Fangry his gun.

Height: 14cm Width: 6.5cm (7cm with the shield)

   Now largely crimson, Fangry has black thighs and upper arms along with a black head and green face. The grey hindlegs sit behind his head and actually form a decent feature there - even with that silly beam, while the shoulder struts and shield are also grey. The face is well sculpted and this is highlighted by the lime green paint. Somehow the lime green paint works well alongside the crimson, which is an achievement, really.

   There's a built in tech spec meter on his chest, as is the case with all the small Headmasters. It's activated when you plug Brisko in, which pushes a painted plate down. His strength and speed are revealed as 6 while his intelligence scores 8. I don't mind the concept, but the coloured sticker at the top indicating the categories sticks out a little.

   There are again beams between the legs, and while we now have two they don't stand out as much as the one that's now overhead. The robot shape is actually fairly good, the shield works really well and the detailed face really makes Fangry look nice. If there's a distinct weak point here, it's his poseability - the elbows swing and that's it.

   This is probably Fangry's better mode, mainly because there's no major flaw. Sure, poseability could be better but he looks good and it's not like poseability is a strong point of G1 anyway. The shield and hindlegs make this an interesting robot mode, while the colours serve to enhance it.

   Brisko has a crimson body, black legs and a giant green and black upside face on his back. He has a simple face with blue eyes and no poseability. As with all of the small Headmaster figures, there's really very little to this figure, which is in truth nothing more than an accessory.


   None that I'm aware of. His Japanese name is Wilder.


   While the smaller Headmasters of 1988 were a scaled down and essentially cheaper version of the concept compared with those of the year before, Fangry is still a nice toy. Clearly thought has gone into both modes, since the werewolf is in itself a creative alt mode while the sculpted fur and robot mode features are aesthetically pleasing aspects that could easily have been left out. There are flaws here, but for a toy this size, they're not going wreck the toy. If you like Headmasters, Fangry is recommended - 7/10

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