The Fallen Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: The Fallen
Series: 6" Titaniums
Allegiance: Minion of Unicron
Alternate Mode: Cybetronian Tank

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me The Fallen, making this review possible (I have since acquired The Fallen).

Height: 7cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A black tank with some gunmetal features - notably the twin cannons on his turret, some Gatling guns on the front of the treads and the wheels inside the treads. There's a unique faction symbol on the right side, towards the back, and some yellow slits at the back of the turret which I guess you could call heat vents. They're actually robot mode features. Being a 6" Titanium figure, much of The Fallen is composed of die-cast metal, and those parts are a rather matte black. The plastic elements have been done in a relatively matte finish too, which I appreciate. While he's awfully black, it does suit the concept of this soul-destroyed character. I like it in that context, although visually he is quite dull.

   The tank shape is pretty good here, for a toy which needed a retconned alternate mode. In the comic series, the character didn't have a transformation. He's quite clearly defined as a tank, although the sides are fold out panels - and while this is cheating, it's effective. Sadly the rear sections of these panels don't plug in - which is a lazy design flaw - and have a tendency to flop around. This sort of shortcoming is too common in the Titanium line, sadly, and it does hold The Fallen back here.

   The play value is reasonable. The turret rotates on a ratcheting joint and the twin cannons can lift up and down to aim. There are small plastic wheels underneath the treads, but he's far too heavy for him to roll - he'll slide instead. I'm not quite so worried about this since the Titaniums are more about display than play - I'm happy with the turret's range of motion.

   A good display piece but a bad play piece. The turret can move around and the dark colour scheme fits the character, but playing with this tank will cause the panels at the back to flop around. I still like it, mainly on the strength of the continuation of the robot mode's theme.


   Fold the side rear panels forward, unclip the sides, releasing the legs between them. Swing down the legs, fold up the side panels underneath the turret. Split the turret and swing the halves out to the sides, lift up his head, rotate backwards. Fold up the panels, the back of the tank is now a robot. Swing down the arms and you're done.

Height: 19cm Width: 10.5cm

   Unsurprisingly, he's black. The yellow "heat vents" are now on his chest, along with smaller slits on his thighs, larger ones on his knees and some more on the left shin. The panels, which now sit behind his head, feature flame motifs. While the panels are no more than kibble, the flames look really nice. His face is a gunmetal mouthplate with yellow eyes - the faction symbol we saw in the tank mode is basically his face with some flames at the top. There are some more gunmetal elements, such as the fists, feet and some vents on his waist. The colour scheme is again quite dark, although the yellow compliments the black and really completes the colour scheme now. A wonderful dark, nether-world, colour scheme.

   The sculpt is fairly good - while that was the case in tank mode, it's a little more apparent now since we have some more colour. It's fairly simple in some ways, in that the detailing is mainly lines, but that suits this character. The head is well formed, the lines augment the vents which dominate his features - and The Fallen's body parts are all angular anyway, save for a few elements like his hips.

   The head turns, his shoulders rotate and lift out the the sides while the elbows lift and rotate. His wrists turn, although since the cannons sit above the forearms by default, this doesn't make a huge difference. You can rotate the forearms if you prefer, so that the cannons sit on the outside of his forearms, although since they're hollow underneath (the cannons) you'll want to swap them over - they plug in and out easily enough. I suspect the forearms are meant to rotate 90 so that the fists are flush with his forearms, allowing the cannons to detach and sit in his hands anyway - the holes are the right size. His waist rotates (it's the turret's ratcheting joint) while the hips swing and lift out to the sides. The knees bend and rotate with ratcheting joints, which would lead to a great range of stable posing if his heelspurs were a little bigger. The feet fold down, taking the heelspurs with them. While the articulation is great, the range of stable poses is small thanks to the heelspurs.

   He does come with a stand, so using that as an anchor, the range of poses is good. Effectively this means that while the play value is compromised, the display value is intact. The panels on the back - the floppy tread panels from the tank mode - again don't plug in. They tend to flop down, and while this doesn't affect him visually from the front, it does represent rather lazy design. This is my only real complaint about this toy. It's ironic really - on the one hand, The Fallen has his own faction symbol - which is also present on his stand - but doesn't get tabs to keep two panels in place.

   A good robot mode as Titaniums go. There's the foundations of a really cool figure here - and while the weight of the die-case metal, heelspurs and panels on the back hold it back a little, the display value here is awesome. It's a great robot mode really, which would translate well to a plastic figure. Thankfully, the paint job is well executed, unlike some of the earlier Titaniums, which means that The Fallen revels in his undead colours.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Probably the most obscure fiction-created character that made it's way into a toy, but The Fallen is a great concept, and the dark colour scheme is really well applied here. The combination of matte black and die-cast metal works well, and the robot mode looks really good. The tank mode is okay - it's more here to support the robot mode mind you - it's a good tank if a little bereft of colour. The articulation in robot mode is quite good, although he needs his stand for more dynamic poses. The loose panels are a significant flaw, but he still displays well, which is what the 6" Titanium line is really centred on anyway - they're statues that can transform, rather than true action figures. If you like the character, or like the Titaniums, I'd recommend The Fallen. I plan to buy one myself now - 8/10

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