Falcon Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Falcon
Series: "European" Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Team Leader
Alternate Mode: F-117 Fighter Jet

Height: 6cm Length: 14cm Width: 10cm

   A dull blue F-117 stealth fighter jet (thanks to Fit For Natalie for the specific model) with transparent yellow cockpit and grey tailwings, Falcon has some pink stickers on his wing edges. Falcon is probably the dullest of the four Predator jets, since his blue is quite muted - to the point that it's almost a blue-grey. On the one hand this makes him the most realistic colourwise but on the other I feel a slightly brighter blue would have been nicer. I'm not complaining, mind you.

   Falcon is more or less accurate, relative to the other Predator jets. There are twin tailfins and the aforementioned grey tailwing. There is some robot kibble visible underneath, but there's less in the way here than on the others. The plane lines are fairly low detail, but then stealth jets are like that. There are some seams here though, which is nice.

   Falcon has three moulded wheels underneath, the front one can fold away while the others aren't able to - although he looks perfectly fine standing on his wheels. The bright green missiles can clip underneath the wings, they don't look especially good there but don't clash as on some of his teammates. Like all the Predator jets, there's a grey panel underneath that you can fold out. When you clip him into Skyquake or Stalker you can look through their viewfinders to see a picture of Boss and another Turbomaster I can't identify in robot modes. It's not the best gimmick ever, but it's something different which I can appreciate.

   Falcon is probably the best Predator jet, certainly he's the most realistic of a set that aren't all that realistic. There are better jets out there, but if you want an example of this set of jets (to attach to one of the larger Predators or their Machine Wars repaints), this is the best of the lot.


   Swing the legs out and forward, slide them forward and fold away the front wheel. Stow the rear wheels in his shins, which will cause the attached feet to clip into place. Fold the back of the plane down to form his backplate, which will bring the arms down to his sides and reveal his head. Give Falcon his missile launcher.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 10cm

   Again largely blue, with the front of the jet forming his torso (a common trick for Transformers stealth jets) and the wings forming a cape. The boots are blue and the thighs are painted a brighter blue (not quite sky blue, but close). The feet and arms are black, along with his head. The face is gold with a transparent yellow eyestrip, which features a very effective lightpipe. The facial sculpt is great for such an old toy at this pricepoint. The colour scheme is surprisingly good for a late G1 European toy, and is more interesting that the somewhat dull jet mode. The gold launcher and bright green missiles are very out of place (of course, you can leave them aside).

   The bodyshape is pretty good considering the torso is the front of the jet - although Falcon has the obligatory pointy groin. The cape works quite well, making his simple transformation a success. The legs look a little static, but otherwise this is probably the best of the Predator jet robot modes.

   Falcon's poseability is slightly better than most of his teammates' without being anything to get excited about. The shoulders and hips swing, although the later is incidental, the joints are part of the transformation and don't bring much here. The launcher itself isn't all that impressive, although it's better than a lot of the Diaclone based launchers.

   Falcon has the strongest of the Predator jet robot modes, but this doesn't make him all that exciting - he's solid yet unspectacular. The transformation does make a nice robot mode out of the jet though, and the head is well done.


   None that I'm aware of.


   As you can probably tell, Falcon is the best Predator jet in my opinion. Having said that, I find him a little uninspiring and actually prefer Skydive, mainly because the colours here bore me somewhat. I don't dislike Falcon though, and if you're wondering which of the series you'd like to get (they weren't sold in the US and can be tricky to find there), Falcon is the one I'd recommend - 7/10

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