FAB Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Movie Tie-Ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet

Thanks to Tiby for loaning me Megatron for this review

Height: 5cm Length: 20cm Width: 10.5cm

   A grey jet-like thing with a blue paint wash at the front and two very obvious red missiles at the front. There are actually two different shades of grey plastic - one with a blue hue and one a straight grey. The grey and blue-grey are both nice enough, and suit Megatron fairly well, but the red is plain garish. There are a couple of gold and silver paint applications and a black Decepticon logo rounding out a simple colour scheme, but it's still ruined by the red at the front which really does not belong here.

   Megatron's shape doesn't look a whole lot like he does in the film, and not just because of the red. The legs hang a long way out the back - they're really not even trying to hide. Sure, the Leader toy has the legs stashed under the wings, but at least that one's trying. The wings are quite short - he's almost twice as long as he is wide. So he looks more like a rocket car than a jet - even a Cybertronian one. The three-hulled thing is present but not terribly well executed. The central hull is short and an unpainted grey while the longer outer hulls are painted in a blue wash with the red missiles (and red spines inside those) at the front. They're all fairly short and close together, so they don't really look so much like hulls.

   There's not much play value here. The missiles can't fire since they're the ball-pressure type and the back ends are within the outer hulls. There are three wheels underneath - a small retractable one on a red (of course!) leg underneath the central hull and two rear wheels underneath his legs.

   Okay, so it hides Megatron's head very well, which is more than some of the other Megatron toys do, but they actually try to look like a jet - this looks like a robot lying down. You know a Transformer fails when it doesn't even manage to succeed with a Cybertronian alt mode. The Legends toy is a much better jet despite the ridiculously visible robot head. The red plastics at the front just round off a bad jet mode, really.


   Pretty simple, as you might expect. Stow the front wheel and fold down the central hull. Unclip the legs from the fuselage, releasing the fuselage to slide forward, becoming his back and pushing his chest down, which also reveals his head. Rotate the arms (the side hulls) and flip up his feet.

Height: 15cm Width: 9.5cm

   Again two shades of grey, this time with more of the silver and gold painted highlights. The extra paint does help detract from the red on his hands, which is nice, but it's still garish. Like he's wearing nail polish or something. I fail to see why the designer felt the need to use _red_ here - it cheapens a robot mode that actually has a good paint job otherwise. His face is painted metallic blue and his eyes are red (the only location where it makes sense), and the black stamped Decepticon logo is now central on his chest.

   Whilst Megatron's paint job is actually pretty good, the sculpt is somewhat cutesy, and this isn't helped by the choice of missile colour. The potential for a great robot mode was here, but hasn't really been realised. Considering how poor his alternate mode is, Megatron _needed_ to reach his potential here. This isn't an awful robot mode by any means, but it's frustrating because I can see a couple of tweaks which would have made him look really good.

   The play value is okay - but not as good as I would have hoped from a toy which devotes so little to the alternate mode. His head turns to the sides slightly, but the rotator is on a weird angle so this doesn't work very well. His shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows rotate but do not bend. The hips are ball jointed and his knees bend, which allows for slightly relaxed stances but not much more. The waist turns around to the right, and snaps back once you let go. This would be quite useful if he had a sword or a club, but on a toy that only carries missiles it's rather misplaced, I'm afraid. The missiles now fire although they're not especially powerful.

   A disappointing robot mode, especially considering that the design focus here was on the robot mode. The missile launchers don't really offer much play value on a toy that's supposedly about "Action", the poseability is somewhat limited, the detailing has been dumbed down and there's still the random use of red. Some better jointing (why not ball jointed elbows? rotators above his knees?) and the loss of red would make for a much better robot mode, as things stand this is a slightly cheesy, uninspiring, Megatron.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Whilst it seems that Megatron will never get a great toy, I'm not convinced that the designer really tried here, which disappoints me. The vehicle mode is quite frankly awful, the robot mode is cheesy with lacklustre play value and whoever decided that red fits here should have Gobot Soundwave thrown at them. Yes, this line is aimed at younger children, but even then the fact is that this toy does not represent Megatron well - especially in vehicle mode and the play value is unconvincing. At the pricepoint of a deluxe this version of Megatron just doesn't offer much - 3/10

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