EZ Collection (Legends) Rampage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rampage
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Bulldozer

Height: 3.5cm Length: 6.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A yellow bulldozer with dark grey treads, light blue windows and a small black Decepticon logo on his roof. The colours work well for a bulldozer and while they're simple, he still looks pretty good. The name is not that of a Construction although he's a good match for Bonecrusher - but that name was used in the last movie, so Rampage it is.

   The treads are roughly triangular, with the front end being the pointed end of the apparatus, and while it's unusual, it looks natural enough. The blade is yellow and quite flat, although it doesn't move. There are false pistons above the blade (one of mine was missing a piece right out of the box, which you can just make out on my photo - and clearly see on the left arm). There are four charcoal wheels underneath which represent all of Rampage's play value.

   A good bulldozer mode with simple but useful colours - they look good and are pretty realistic. The play value is minimal, but that's typical for the Legends size. This is Rampage's better mode.


   Split the blade, swing the halves back and lift up the top halves of the treads (carrying the blade with them). The left side piece will almost certainly fall off - it's a very poorly moulded joint. Fold the bottom half of the treads forward and down to form feet, which will cause the false pistons to slide up towards the cabin. Stand him up, flip over the Decepticon logo to reveal Rampage's head.

Height: 8cm Width: 6.5cm

   A yellow robot with dark grey arms and legs, Rampage has a grey mouth and red eyes. The colours are simple again but not quite as successful thanks to the yellow jackhammer between his legs, making things a little too yellow. There is no Decepticon symbol here.

   I don't think much of this robot mode. Sure, it's more humanoid that High Tower or Scavenger, but they're not meant to be. Rampage's legs have no feet and his arms no hands, while that jackhammer post between his legs acts as a third point for him to stand on, since the legs end in points. The end result is a post with a head and quasi-arms. The blades do look good on his arms, but this would work better if his arms ended in something that looked like hands - the blades are kibble and take away from the shape of the arms. The facial sculpt and paint job is good. Mine is hampered by a missile post on the left arm (that piston part in vehicle mode), but even allowing for that, he just looks incomplete.

   Rampage's play value is minimal, but should be better. He stands fine but you _need_ the jackhammer for him to stand, so anything evenly close to a dynamic pose is out. The shoulders are ball jointed but the left shoulder is so loose if you move it, his arm will just fall off. The actual jackhammer mode of the larger toy isn't really possible here since you can't get the legs out of the way, which ruins what might have been the saving grace of this robot mode.

   The runt of the litter as far as the EZ Collection Legends are concerned, this robot mode has no feet or hands, a very bad shoulder joint (and I know it's not just on mine) and little play value, even at this size it feels disappointing. It's not the worst Legends robot mode we've ever seen, but usually the robot mode is stronger, and here the vehicle mode wins easily, which brings Rampage's robot mode into stark contrast.


   None that I'm aware of. There is a Red Legends Rampage, which uses a different mould.


   A good bulldozer mode with realistic colours is offset by a poor robot mode that stands there looking like a post with a head. The loose shoulder is perhaps my biggest complaint - it falls off as soon as you try to move the left arm at all - including transformation - taking any and all fun out of the robot mode. The robot mode looks poor without appendages anyway, so Rampage is one to get for the sake of Devastator - when separate I'd recommend leaving him in vehicle mode - 4/10

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