EZ Collection (Legends) Long Haul Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Long Haul
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Dump Truck

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 3cm

   A grass green dump truck with charcoal wheels and a black painted cabin on his left side, Long Haul bears a remarkably close resemblance to his G1 namesake - in fact he's the only component of Devastator that's green this time around. Granted the green is darker and there's no purple, but the semblance is immediately obvious. There's a black Decepticon logo stamped on the left side of the tray (same as on the Voyager, actually), rounding out a simple but effective colour scheme.

   While the original Constructicon in G1 wasn't all that big, this Long Haul is one of those giant mining haul trucks - as seen in the film. At this size his mass isn't really conveyed so well, but there are still hints that this is a large vehicle, such as the scale of some of the details at the front. The tray is solid on top, since there's no room for a gap at this size. The rolling wheels represent his only play value.

   A good truck mode despite the solid tray - which can be forgiven at this scale. The colours provide a strong tribute while there's no kibble - less than on the larger toy in fact. The sculpt is impressive in places, and helps provide us with a sense of how big Long Haul's vehicle mode is.


   Swing down the legs underneath, pivot back the tray. Split the tray and swing out to the sides to form his arms, which also reveals his head and chest. Split the boots, fold down the feet and you're done. It's a simple yet very elegant transformation.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Again largely green, Long Haul has gunmetal painted on his knees, groin and part of his chest while his eyes are red. The charcoal wheels are on his ankles and hips. There are no Decepticon logos visible here. The colour scheme is again simple but effective. The sculpt is good and there's enough colour to break up the green. The tribute isn't as strong here, but the green ensures that the tribute still comes through here.

   Long Haul is visually impressive thanks to the lip of his tray forming big shoulderpads and wide shoulders anyway. He looks powerful despite the mini size here and there's a mean look on his tiny face. The hands are well sculpted little claws and while the legs are long and the torso short, he really does look like he's built for destruction. Again the small size doesn't prevent Long Haul from having a sense of mass. His poseability is limited - his arms lift out to the sides while his hips are ball jointed. Essentially he can strikes a few relaxed poses and that's it.

   An imposing little Legends figure, Long Haul looks big and powerful even at this scale. The arms work well and while his legs are a tad long the overall shape works and the colour scheme is well laid out. He's a little static but still impressive overall.


   None that I'm aware of. There is a another Legends Long Haul, which uses a different mould.


   A great little legends figure that looks imposing in both modes, Long Haul has the strongest G1 tribute of the movie Constructicons and is well painted in both modes. While the transformation is quite different to the larger toy, both have the same basic feel to them which is a credit to the designer of this figure. He's a little static, but that's not unusual for Legends toys so I won't hold that against him too much - 8.5//10

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