EZ Collection (Legends) Hightower Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hightower
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Crane

Height: 6.5cm Length: 6cm Width: 4.5cm

   A yellow crane on dark grey treads with a dray grey crane assembly, including a dangling hook at the front. There's a small white cabin on the right side at the front and a black Decepticon logo on the right, behind the cabin. The colours are simple yet realistic and while they don't bear any strong semblance to a previous Transformer, we've not seen a vehicle quite like this anyway. Most Transformer cranes are truck cranes of some sort, so Hightower is doing something different.

   The cabin is quite small, indicating that he's quite a large crane. The grey crane arm is made of scaffolding and has pneumatic supports (well, false pistons). The overall look is a very heavy duty crane designed to lift a lot of weight. There's minimal play value with four charcoal wheels underneath the treads representing all of Hightower's play value. There's a hint of robot visible on the back and just behind the treads, but it looks like mechanical stuff anyway.

   A good crane mode, and one we've not quite seen before. The colours work, the crane arm and its support are quite well done and there's a sense of strength here. The play value is minimal, but at a Legends size it's to be expected.


   Swing the hook up and back, flush with the pistons. Swing out and unfold the claw in its place. Lift the treads out to the sides, push the back section forward and down, rotate the treads in two planes so they're on the table again. Turn him around so that the front of the crane is at the back and you're done.

Height: 7cm Length: 7cm Width: 6.5cm

   Again based on yellow, but with more dark grey and some charcoal also visible now, Hightower lacks a humanoid shape here, like Demolishor and his EZ Legends brother Scavenger. The treads are pushed out to form outriggers of sorts, and he stands on these. The struts of these outriggers are charcoal along with his head, which is itself underneath a grey hockey-mask like cage. His eyes are red. The crane arm stands upright but the claw is at the back. The Decepticon logo is now at the front, on the left side. The colour scheme here works well, with the addition of charcoal making things a little more interesting.

   Hightower's unusual robot mode wont fit into everyone's idea of a robot mode - a non humanoid robot mode is a bit jarring, but I prefer this robot mode to that of Scavenger. The treads act as proper feet, something that design lacks. There are small claws at the front, on the edge of the hockey mask, and of course the claw, which can swing up over the top so it faces forward. The poseability is just as limited, but at least this one is easy to stand and has some degree of play value in the claw. It's still a mode that some will love and others hate, mind you - but it offers some more humanoid aspects.

   A very creative robot mode, but the non humanoid shape won't suit everyone. The colours work, the outriggers make Hightower stable and the claw, hockey mask and red eyes are all nice features. The play value is minimal, limited to the claw and wheels, but that much works at this size.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Two creative modes and good colours mean that Hightower has something to offer. While the unusual vehicle mode has something to offer while still being orthodox, the droid-like robot mode is anything but orthodox, and isn't going to please everyone. I actually like it, because of some interesting aspects such as the outriggers and the hockey mask - especially the latter - but it's one that will depend on taste. The play value is limited but passable. I don't think this concept would be rewarding in a full sized toy, but at this level it's different and can be fun - 8/10

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