Digger (Chase) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Digger
Series: Japanese Generation 1 Reissue (Chase)
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Backhoe

I only have one of these chase figures, but figured I'd review him anyway, to give you a sample of the green chase figures.

Backhoe Mode Height: 2cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2cm

   While the original Digger was orange, the reissue came in yellow. So this green version is actually the third version of Digger. The Backhoe mode is almost totally neon green, save for "Decepticon Purple" windows and a small stamped Decepticon logo on the left hand side, on the rear cabin door. This sort of colour scheme is shared amongst all the chase figures - green with purple highlights, and the combined Sixbuilder is clearly a homage to Devastator.

   Having stated the obvious, I'll point out that the lime green of the Constructicons was a lot paler than the neon green Digger is graced with. I wouldn't really say this new shade is any better or worse, but I don't think such a bright green would work on the larger toys. All the SixBuilder components have their Constructicon equivalent, and Digger marries up more or less with Scavenger, although Scavenger was on treads while Digger is a truck, more like Hook.

   Digger's got pretty good play value for a Micromaster. The wheels roll, of course. But then the backhoe assembly on the back of truck rotates, and the bucket arms is jointed both midway and at the base. The arm is made of soft plastic, which allows for a little move movement since it can flex side to side, and no doubt makes him it less likely to snap.

   Transforming him involves folding the front down to form the legs, adjusting the arms and standing him up.

   Digger's green and purple backhoe mode gives way to a green robot with purple knees. The only other non-green elements are the wheels. As a chase figure this is passable, I'm glad they did more to this robot mode's paint job on the regular yellow version. The whole point of the chase figures is their relative rarity, so you're meant to get them all to combine, the robot mode being essentially a side issue.

   Do I recommend him? Well, the chase figures aren't really worth searching for on their own. The Constructicon homage is really cool, and makes the chase figures nice to have, but unless you plan to complete the Micro-Devastator I wouldn't specifically chase down Digger (or any of the others). SixBuilder is easily worth getting though, and if you get a chase figure in your quest to complete SixBuilder, they're cool little variants

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