BotCon Blurr Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blurr
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Futuristic Sports Car

Thanks to Tiby for lending me Blurr for this review.

Height: 4.5cm Length: 15cm Width: 8cm

   A black sports car with transparent amber windows and headlights, Blurr is a repaint of Cybertron toy of the same name. There's mid blue lightning effects on the fenders, both front and rear, which he sports a silver racing stripe on the good and roof. The engine bits at the back are highlighted in silver, which looks really nice. There are royal blue missile launchers hidden underneath his spoiler, with protruding grey missiles, which sit on either side of the cockpit. The colour scheme isn't quite what you'd expect of Blurr, but the black does provide an evil edge. The lightning and silver highlights make this a great colour scheme.

   While this is a futuristic car, the overall design is closer to Lightspeed than to Blurr. The tail and spoiler section has been remoulded, since Blurr lacks the Minicon that came with his Armada counterpart - the slot underneath the tail that activated the gimmick has been modified to work with a Planet Key. The car mode is still quite nice, although the spoiler was better than the generic hot rod style detail which replaced it. This version is more rocket car and less futuristic than the Armada one. Blurr's canopy actually opens, although the missiles on either side get in the way a little. Sadly, the missiles don't really fit firmly, and tend to angle inwards (at least on Tiby's).

   Blurr's key gimmick only works in car mode and is an adaptation of the Armada version - plugging in his amber Planet Key causes the rear fenders to fold down like pontoons. There are black moulded turbines on the sides, so they're quasi-wings. He looks pretty good in this configuration - even if this flight mode looked better with a spoiler Unlike the Armada version, this Blurr can no longer roll since the rear wheels are now on their sides. The launcher triggers are now exposed, and they're simple triggers rather than the Minicon dependant hardpoints the Armadas version has. The key gimmick doesn't work as cleanly as I'd like, and the crooked missiles don't fire well. Again, this could be unique to Tiby's, but with a few toys based on this mould out there, it could also be mould degradation.

   A nice colour scheme on a good mould, with a nice evil edge to it, but I'm disappointed by the QC issues I've come across. Okay, so BotCon toys tend to avoid play, but for the prices they start it, it is annoying. It's still a nice car mode, but the bitchin' colour scheme is held back unnecessarily.


   Firstly, you'll have to open out the wings, and you might want to remove the launchers to prevent them falling off during the transformation. Fold the doors down, swing the front out to either side, swing the robot legs down and extend them. Fold the rear half of the car down onto his back, slide up his shoulderpads. Fold down his groinplate and swing his arms down. Lastly fold out his feet and heelspurs and place the launchers into his hands.

Height: 14cm Width: 14cm

   A black robot with metallic dark blue boots and shoulderpads, mid blue upper arms and a silver face with a red right eye and a black battle damaged left eye. The chest is mainly metallic dark blue with a red Autobot logo with white relief. The colours are again nice, and do a great job of making this an evil Blurr. The repainted and resculpted eye is a nice touch, even if I wouldn't really say it's especially evil.

   For some reason the groinplate is assembled backwards, and I've left it "up" on my photo, so you can see what I mean. It's easy enough to remove and reattach it, so this isn't a flaw that counts against the toy - but something I figured was worth mentioning. I've actually fixed Tiby's up for him (c8

   As I said, the car mode - well most of it - forms a cape. Blurr is what some call a "shellformer", which is there's so much blue plastic here and very little in car mode. The forearms and shoulderpads are actually the front 1/3 of the car, so he's not entirely shellformer. The cape is fairly bulky, but the heelspurs do their job and prevent Blurr from being backheavy. The robot mode easily is more reminiscent of G1 than the car mode, and since the G1 homage is the point of this toy, this is the better mode.

   Blurr's poseability is, thankfully, better than G1 standards. His head rotates, the arms lift out to the sides and the elbows are double hinged. The hips are a combination of rather tight ball joints and swivels that allow the legs to spread. His knees and feet lack articulation.

   The missile launchers can remain on his back on the cape (the car wings), although they've been modified to fit in his hands, so you might as well place them there. They have tabs that plug into his open grip quite well. This works better than the forearm-mounted launchers of Armada Blurr, and as a bonus you no longer need to plug in a Minicon to make them work - the missile launchers, although the crooked missiles don't fire that well.

   A nice repaint with great colours - the metallic blue is great and the black works on this robot mode. The battle damaged eye is an unusual retooling, but I like the innovation, and I appreciate the fact that the BotCon guys found a way to retool Blurr (as they have done with quite a few of the other BotCon 2008 toys). I'm not happy with the missile launchers, but he displays really well.


   None that I'm aware of. Since Blurr was available exclusively at BotCon 2008, he is likely limited to a single production run. He was sold in a souvenir pack with Sideswipe/Whisper and Rampage.


   While there's no retooling needed to make this mould into G1 Blurr (Cybertron did that already), I'm really impressed that the BotCon guys went and found an innovative way to retool him anyway. The colours are great, the vehicle mode looks awesome in black with silver highlights and blue lightning, while the black and blue robot really works for this mould. He looks suitably evil in both modes, and does a good job of being an alternate universe Evil Blurr. The mould issues bug me, especially in car mode, so I'm not as keen on Blurr as I want to be. I don't have access to another to verify - so if the mould degradation is across the board, 7/10. If not, 9/10 (if you're able to resolve this, contact me.)

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