Superlink Superion Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Superion
Series: Superlink (Energon)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Air Warrior
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Afterburner, Air Rider, Firebolt, Skydive & Sling.

Height: 25cm Width: 18cm

   Superion's exact dimensions will depend on both pose and limb configuration, but it's safe to say he's roughly the same size as the G1 Gestalt of the same name. His colour scheme is a mix of reds, greys, blues and whites with a measure of black thrown in. The blues give a different look to this colour scheme than G1 Superion, but the homage is still fairly evident, since both are composed of five planes and both revolves around red and white. Superion's chest is the red and white cockpit of Afterburner, the head is black with a grey face, while he sports large blue and off white antenna. The colour scheme is fairly unified, although the shape of some of his limbs can work against this.

   And the limb configuration is Superion's main issue. Skydive and Sling make great legs, while their Energon weapons make weird claw-like hands, so you're best off using them as legs. The trouble with that is they've both wide in the same place, so for stability you really want only one as an arm (unless you're going for a dynamic striding pose). Air Rider and Firebolt are very wide as legs and you'll find your Superion straddling his own kibble if they're both in leg mode. Having said that, their Energon weapons are even worse as hands - they form four-pronged claws that look more like tables than anything else. So no matter what you do, Superion is going to have some awkward limbs. But the trade off is a Gestalt that's actually poseable.

   The shoulders and knees are all ratcheting joints of the same type - thanks to the limb swapping gimmick. So the shoulders rotate and the knees can swivel, while the neck also rotates (and when you turn it you'll notice his blue eyes have a lightpipe). The hips and shoulders swing in and out, as well as back and forth while the large footpads allow for quite a range or leg posing. The arm poseability isn't as useful as it could be since Superion comes without any true ranged weapons, although his claw prongs work as barrels - especially in the cases of Sling and Skydive, since the prongs _are_ intended to be barrels.

   The connecting joints are quite sturdy, so limbs aren't likely to fall off as you might expect (Devastator springs to mind as a fragile Gestalt). The hips on mine are a little weak, though, so I find when posing I have to get the legs right or he'll either fall backwards or do the splits. Another annoyance is that his chest doesn't clip into his groin at all, instead it just rests in place (with a notch to guide it).

   The advance in technology means that unlike most G1 Gestalts (the notable exception being Liocaeser), Superion has an integrated chestplate. This means he sports Afterburner's Autobot symbol on his chest, which is a plane piece rather than some random kibble as the G1 chestplates tended to be. It also means one less piece that can get lost. The head is also integrated into Afterburner, and most of the appendages are the weapons of the small toys (although the connecting struts for Air Rider and Firebolt are pure kibble).


   I have the Japanese version, I have not studied the Anglophone version up close, but there are likely some paint mask changes - and the names are worse.


   While Superion has some advantages over the Scramble City Gestalts of G1, he doesn't really take full advantage of the technology of his time. The limbs don't work as well as they should and the loose chest is downright bad. The poseability is certainly an improvement on G1 Gestalts and the colour scheme works. His limbs are all great basics while Afterburner is a solid (but not spectacular) deluxe, but this is one Gestalt worth less than the sum of it's parts - a great team of toys that have too many shortcomings when combined. It's a set I recommend on the merits of the components, but if you're buying Superion for the combined form, I'd really recommend Bruticus instead - 6/10

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