Enemy Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Enemy
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Microcassette

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 0.5cm

   Not much to look at from below, from the topside Enemy is a black Microcassette (60mins) with silver and orange painted details. He's basically a small black rectangle, although he has a fair few tape features. He's got holes for spools (complete with teeth) and a sticker in place of the window in the centre, with a tiny robot schematic. He's side "A", which is indicated on the top right corner, while the bottom right indicates that he's a 60 minute tape. The bottom left indicates he's metal position. All these details are painted, which eliminates the peeling stickers found on the original versions of this mould, Rumble & Frenzy. He's a pretty good facsimile of a tape.

   Turn him over and he's red and navy blue with some gold paint. In other words, don't look at the other side.

   A nice tape mode, which fits nicely into Soundblaster. I much prefer the painted details to the original stickers which would always peel.


   Swing the sides of the cassette out and down to form the legs, there's actually a joint where they attach to the body and then another knee joint that has to be unfolded. Rotate the legs to face backward (ie away from the tape side. Turn him over and slide his feet forward. Unfold the arms on the top of his chest and his head should pop out. Position his arms, attach his guns into the holes on his back, or if you like, over his forearms to form handguns.

Height: 7cm (9 if the guns are on his back) Width: 5cm (arms to sides)

   For all the colour controversy around Rumble & Frenzy, the red one (which I will call Rumble) is actually largely black in robot mode. His navy blue in the the places where Frenzy features lighter blue. Enemy actually is mostly red here, with black thighs & upper arms. The red is a terracotta colour, not the straight red of Rumble. His chest details are gold and his weaponry silver along with his die cast metal feet. He has blue and silver stickers painted details in his shins.

   The guns are chromed silver. As well as chromed paint, he usually (but not always) has die cast metal feet. The joints in his shoulders and arms are also die cast where the feet are die cast.

   Enemy's actually very poseable for a Microman based toy. Sure, it's all needed for his transformation, but I'm not complaining. His shoulders, elbows and knees are all jointed. His shoulders have swivels allowing his arms to move up and down and the arms can rotate on these swivels. Combine this with twin joints in his elbows he's very close to full poseability in his arms. His knees can bend, and while he can't balance on one leg, you can bend one back to put him in a walking pose.

   While the tape is mode is bland almost by definition, Enemy has a good robot mode. Good colours, poseability and a good overall aesthetic mean this mode makes the toy worthwhile. The colour scheme, which is sort of half-way between Rumble & Frenzy, has a character all its own thanks to the different distinct shade of red. I wouldn't say he's any better or worse than the original two.


   Enemy owes his existence as a character to a piece of merchandise back in G1 - a radio which had "Enemy" moulded onto the front in these colours using the Rumble/Frenzy mould. The colour scheme itself originated in MicroChange (but only Rumble and Frenzy were picked up by Hasbro) - thanks to Edrazeba for this info. This actual standalone toy was sold exclusively with Soundblaster & Wingthing in the Encore line.


   An obscure character given his 15 minutes of fame, Enemy is a relatively meaningful repaint of the Rumble/Frenzy mould, used as a way to drive sales of another Souundblaster reissue (hey, it worked on me). It's nice that they've used a colour scheme with some history, mind you. While the colours are between those of Rumble & Frenzy, he ends up with a distinct look & has his own appeal. The main detraction here is that you've pretty much got to buy Wingthing & Soundblaster - and a lot of those interested in Enemy will already have Soundblaster. A nice repaint but not one that's compelling if you've already got the main toy - so I'll stop short of recommending him - 7/10. - 8/10

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