European Long Haul Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Long Haul (none officially)
Series: "European" Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Transport
Alternate Mode: Dump Truck

Height: 4cm Length: 9cm Width: 4cm

   A yellow and dark purple dump truck, this Long Haul is pretty similar to the original and lacks the soft grey plastic that most of the European Constructicons have. He's about 80% yellow with some purple and black tyres. The yellow is fine and I don't think grey would have worked that well. He has a single side cab setup, which is on his left. He looks good as a truck, although I prefer the green original to this.

   There's a rather odd looking bump at the back of the tray, which is needed for the transformation (so his thighs can clear his knees), and you can sort of see his robot arms at the sides, but otherwise he's a nice looking truck. The biggest problem is the fact that the tray itself and the front lip of the tray are not attached to one another, so if he wants to empty his tray he's going to look very strange.

   A good truck mode, although you can't really do anything with him other than roll him, he does have twin rear tyres, so he rolls better than most other Constructicons.


   Fold back the tray and split the side to form the legs. Fold the whole affair underneath the front section, flip back the tray lip, fold up the head. Pull out his arms and fold out the fists.

Height: 10cm Width: 5cm

   Along with Bonecrusher, he's a Constructicon that doesn't really have much purple in his robot mode. His arms are purple, as well as a pole on the right shoulder, but that's it. The head & fists are black, thighs silver, the rest is yellow. I've always though he looked a little odd with only his arms being purple, but this is less of an issue for this version since the yellow is slightly darker than the original lime green.

   Long Haul is unusual amongst G1 Transformers in that his robot mode is asymmetrical. His right shoulder has the pole mentioned previously, which is there for his Devastator mode. Even if some of his teammates have lost their combining ability, Long Haul can still combine if you have an original (or G2) Hook and Bonecrusher. The pole is matched by the cockpit on his right shoulder. This asymmetry doesn't at all hurt his appearance, thanks to this balancing of features.

   His lower legs are concave as a result of being the two halves of his tray, and they do look strange. In fact, combined with the lack of purple anywhere but the arms, they drag this mode down. The positive is that he doesn't have a big tray hanging off him somewhere like Heavy Load.


   A repaint of the original G1 Long Haul, this version is very similar to the yellow G2 version, which has a lighter purple plastic and G2 stamp. There are no mould changes.


   In my opinion, he's the weakest Constructicon, and while this version isn't so different to the original, it'll happily substitute for a G1 Long Haul. The robot mode actually works slightly better now, although for nostalgia reasons I'd still recommend the original. Really only something you'd hunt down if you like the character or can't find the lime green version - 5.5/10

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