eHobby Gobot Team Toy Review

Individual Review

Since these are sold only as a set, and are a limited set, I'm not going to write full reviews, instead I'll mainly focus on the differences between these toys and the originals, with links to the original toy reviews for more detailed reviews of the six moulds.

The set has a common function: Dimensional Expeditionary Research Team, and the single tech spec card basically suggests they're actually Gobots (it says they're from a separate universe), and are disguised as Transformers. Thanks to Goktimus Prime for the tech spec translation.

All six names are Tonka Gobots names, and allegiances have been carried over, and Bad Boy, Bug Bite and Treads have Destron rub symbols. Pathfinder and Small Foot are female characters. On with the show...

Click here for my fanfic tech specs for Bad Boy, Pathfinder and Treads.

Name: Bad Boy
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Destron
Recolour of: Powerglide

   A light grey A-10 with indigo parts where Powerglide had grey. He's almost a mirrorverse Powerglide, which is appropriate since he's now clearly an evil character. The sticker than runs down Powerglide's chest has been rotated and now runs across his chest, so that a Destron logo can fit onto his chest.

   The plastic feels a little cheaper than on Powerglide, although not by that much, and it may just be an illusion caused by the new colours. The indigo is very dark, and with such a dark face this guy looks positively evil. He has silver eyes, which helps with the whole dark and sinister thing he's got going.

   Overall, this is a pretty good recolour, it's certainly different to Powerglide and I can just imagine this guy as demonic - 8/10

Name: Bug Bite
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Destron
Recolour of: Bumblebee

   Done in white and black, Bug Bite has the silver back, with a rubsign and a Destron logo on his chest. Interestingly, there's never been a white version of this mould before - there's been yellow, red, blue, orange, silver, black even metallic blue and grey but this is the first white version. So full marks for making this a new colour scheme. He has the cartoon Bumblebee face that the TCS Bumblebee had, which isn't surprising, since the set is essentially a recolour of that pack.

   In a way I'm kind of over Bumblebee variants, so I'm glad this one is a Destron - I already have red, yellow and metallic blue Autobots in this mould. Of course, Bug Bite was the natural choice for this mould, and being a Renegade anyway, it was always going to be a Destron. He almost looks like Bumblebee's ghost, since he's Bumblebee in black and white.

   I'm not a huge fan of this recolour, but I suppose Takara didn't have too much room to move with all the colours out there already. It's a nice toy, I just find it a little dull, both in terms of the actual colours and the appeal of this toy - 6/10

Name: Pathfinder
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Recolour of: Cosmos

   Essentially, Pathfinder is Cosmos done in blue instead of green. The yellow parts are still yellow, the stickers are the same as the reissue Cosmos' stickers and the head is still painted red. The blue is about as bright as the green of Cosmos, and so Pathfinder is playing absolute havoc with my colour blindness, because my brain keeps trying to tell me she's green anyway, and I am used to seeing this mould in green, not blue. It's not a flaw of this recolour, but she's confusing for me.

   Pathfinder was a Friendly UFO, who was dark grey if my memory serves me correctly. This recolour looks really nice, even if it's not in Pathfinder's original colours - and despite my colour blindness, I really like this paint job (although I wish it was more distinct from Cosmos). I think the use of three primary colours works really well here, and the blue and yellow shades used combine well, also.

   Probably my favourite of the three Cybertrons in this set, Pathfinder is one of the better Gobot names they've used in this set (to be fair to Takara, most Gobot names sucked), so she's easily one of the better members of this set - 8/10

Name: Road Ranger
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Recolour of: Huffer

   A compete colour swap from Huffer - orange has become black, purple is now dark orange (think persimmon) and black is now a sparkly red. This means that Road Ranger's a black truck with sparkly red windows, and looks really good like this. His robot mode is orange and black with red eyes, although they tend to get lost amongst the orange face, which is now inside a black hood. The arms are still chrome silver and the tyres black - but that's to be expected. The stickers are identical to those on Huffer.

   The rich orange is pretty much for the robot mode, and works well with the black, while the red is largely for truck mode, and works well with the black, albeit for a different effect. I'm glad they've not mixed these two colours extensively - in fact they've used the colours very well. My only real complaint about this striking colour scheme is the black hood tends to cast a shadow over his head.

   Probably the most strikingly different colour scheme in this set, since it's both very different from Huffer, but also quite bright. This is a good recolour - Road Ranger looks good in both modes, and is different from all previous versions of this mould - 7/10

Name: Small Foot
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Recolour of: Gears

   A yellow and red recolour of Gears, Small Foot is red where Gears was red, but yellow instead of blue. Her chrome bits and black tyres are like those on gears, as are her stickers. Instead of a silver face, Small Foot has a pink face! This is a great idea that doesn't quite work on a red and yellow toy, but I'll give them points for the concept.

   On my Small Foot, at least, the feet spring into robot mode position, which is not the case for any of the Gears toys (or Swerve) I've owned. Like Bad Boy, this plastic seems slightly cheap, but again I suspect it's the colour used (the yellow, specifically) rather than a lower grade of plastic. She's very similar to the Peruvian Gears - not that I've ever seen one of those - but that's an orange Gears.

   While the pink face is good in concept, it hurts the colour scheme for me, and so Small Foot is my least favourite in this set. Still, this is a good set of recolours so she's living up to a high standard, and is still a decent recolour - 5.5/10

Name: Treads (I've seen it translated as "Treds", but the original Gobot was Treads)
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Recolour of: Warpath


   A pine green tank with black treads, a Destron logo on his turret/chest and black eyes, Treads is the darkest of this set, but is also the best recolour of the set in my opinion. The green fits the tank mode perfectly, and these colours are very different from Warpath's maroon and grey, providing a great contrast to the much lighter Autobot.

   This is probably the worst mould used for this set, which ironic since it's the nicest recolour. I really feel that this colour scheme enhances the mould, it really gives an edge to it - probably because this is a vibrant green (it's dark, but it's a rich green), whereas the maroon and grey on Warpath are fairly dull colours.

   Great colours make Treads my favourite of the set, and while the mould isn't a fantastic one, as a recolour, he gets my vote - 8/10


   As you might have noticed, I'm a huge fan of Pathfinder and Treads. Bad Boy and Road Ranger are also great recolours, Bug Bite is good considering how few colours were left. Only Small Foot really disappointed me at all, but even then she's better than almost any Armada Powerlinx recolour. Also, using Tonka Gobots' names is such a cool idea, as is the idea of evil Minibots (Minicons?!) itself. We even get two fembots out of the deal. Being a limited edition, this set might be quite pricey, but if you liked the Gobots, or are a fan of the Minibots, I recommend these guys - they're up to the usual high standard I've come to expect of eHobby repaints - 7.5/10

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