Music Label Frenzy & Rumble Toy Review

Individual Review

Names: Frenzy & Rumble
Series: Music Label
Allegiance: Decepticons
Alternate Mode: Earphones

Thanks to Excelon Zero for loaning me Frenzy & Rumble for this review (I have since acquired this pair).

Rumble was a red toy in the beginning and Frenzy was blue. I'm going to continue with that definition for the purposes of this review. I'm not taking a stance, just a practical position (c8

   There's no real point in me giving overall dimensions here, but the set reaches a total length of 147cm with a length to the shorter earphone (Rumble) of 90cm. They're the type of earphones with a cord that leads to one side, with another cord then wrapping around the head - to Frenzy in this case. The leads and earphones are white - as is the case with many audio accessories nowadays. The earpads are black along with the earclips while there's a silver Decepticon logo on the reel.

   This isn't quite a standard set of earphones - the phones aren't in-ear buds but larger earphones which use the black clips to attach to your ears. This is, of course, necessary to fit Rumble & Frenzy inside the phones. The reel is a white piece midway along the cord between Rumble and the 3.5cm plug, if you press the button on top (where the logo is) the cord retracts nicely. The back surfaces of the phones are white discs with a diameter of just over 4cm, and a small silver Decepticon logo.

   They're large earphones, really, and while the reel is quite cool I can't say I'd wear them. I'm not exactly an audiophile so I'm not going to comment on the quality of the sound itself - I wouldn't know the difference - and I'm more concerned with these guys as Transformers anyway.


   With the Decepticon logo facing towards you, pull down the lower sides of the white disc, rotate and pull right down to form legs, pull out the heelspurs. Flip over the panel above the logo to reveal the head. Pull the arms out from within the upper sides. The process is the same for both Rumble & Frenzy, neither of whom detach from the wire.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 4cm

   Both toys have white torsos, centred on those silver Decepticon logos. Frenzy has dark blue forearms, boots and head while his upper arms and thighs are mid blue. There is white painted detailing on his boots. Rumble has black forearms boots and a black head while his thighs and upper arms are red and the detailing on his boots is a gunmetal colour. Both have gunmetal feet - mimicking the die cast feet of the original toys - white faces and red eyes. The faces are based on those in the G1 cartoon and work well for the characters.

   These guys cannot stand too well - but then they're really designed to sit on the outside of your ear. I can't see myself walking down the street with the robot modes on my ears, but it's an interesting idea nonetheless. The poseability is limited, since they can only use the transforming joints and have earphones on their backs. There are some poses available, but the range is coincidental, really.

   The robot modes are kind of cool but very limited, since they have to fold up to form white discs. They're not meant to be much more than ornamental, and they do that job - and are a nice compliment to Music Label Soundwave.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A really interesting idea, and while the end product is inevitably limited, I'm a fan of the concept. I didn't pick them up myself because I'd want Soundwave as well, and I don't need a second MP3 player, but they do compliment Soundwave well. The colours used on the robot modes make the tribute work well, and while the earphones are necessarily large I would recommend this set if you're interested in it - 7/10

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