Energon Demolishor w/ Blackout Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Demolishor
Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Anti-Aircraft Tank

Height: 8cm Length: 13cm Width: 10cm

   A pale green, purple and grey anti aircraft tank, Demolishor is a repaint of the Armada toy of the same name. There's more than a passing similarity to the Construction colour set here - and while I'm not certain this was the original intention, I'd say the use of pale green and purple was. At any rate, there's quite a lot of black here and a yellow & black striped hatch on top of the turret. There's a really well done grey paint wash on the treads, giving him a dirty look, something we saw on the original. The front of the turret is gunmetal with a raised Decepticon logo, which is painted purple (only on the raised parts, the relief is unpainted, which represents an improvement over the original). While the Powerlinx repaint was annoyingly similar to the original, this version is markedly different, but still looks good. The Constructicon colours really work here, and the paint job is great.

   The lower half, ie the vehicle itself, is essentially a catamaran-style affair - there's two treads and a platform between them which supports the turret. Blackout is designed to fit snugly into the gap in the front, and his head connects into a hole designed specifically for this purpose. Annoyingly, he falls out fairly easily, which is mainly because he needs to pop out when you activate the launch - there's a little beige button on the grey platform behind the turret, that shoots Blackout a few inches. There's a panel on this grey platform that swings out to become a seat, which allows Blackout (in robot mode) to ride Demolishor. Other Minicons can also ride here, if you want to leave Blackout on the front, so his purple guns beef up Demolishor's already impressive armory.

   Moving onto that armory, Demolishor's turret rotates 360, and has a total of ten barrels, four missiles and four hardpoints. On either side of the turret are two independently targetable batteries, with two giant black missiles on the bottom, five smaller black barrels on top, which can point up even when the missile are still pointing forward. The left hand side's lower hardpoint is live, attaching a Minicon and sliding back will launch the missiles. The right hand side more merely stores two spare missiles, although it's possible to combine two Demolishors so both sides fire.

   Rounding out the play value, Demolishor has ridged wheels underneath the reads, so he rolls fairly rough, as tanks do thanks to the links in the treads. The ridged wheels are typical of the thought put into Demolishor - this is a deluxe that can attach six Minicons - Blackout in front, someone in the chair and four on the hardpoints. The turret rotates and targetable batteries combine with the Minicon options to give Demolishor a lot of play value for a deluxe. If only all Armada toys had so many options for using Minicons.

   While the mould is the same as the original version, it's a decent mould that's just looking for a firefight. The colour scheme brings something new to the mould, and is much better than most repaints of the same era. The Minicon launcher fails, and I'd rather Blackout fitting into his slot a bit firmer, even at the expense of the launcher. But the play value is still fairly good, better than many Transformer tanks.


   The turret becomes top half and the base the bottom half. You'll have to remove Blackout if he's attached to the bottom half, but can leave any Minicons on the batteries if you like. Detach the tread from the central platform, and then rotate the grey part of this platform and the turret so they're backwards. Swing the treads down so that sit flush against the red platform, which is destined to become his groin. Swing the grey treads out from underneath the beige base parts, they'll swing down to become the shins while the beige halves fold in on themselves to become his thighs. Fold down his feet and stand him up. Grab the batteries, pull them apart which will reveal his head - flip it up. Lastly, rotate the batteries forward and fold down the barrels for form his hands.

Height: 20cm Width: 11cm

   A pale green robot with giant black towers on his shoulders, thanks to the missiles sticking up, Demolishor has purple lower legs, a torso that's mainly green with gunmetal chest panels and black hands. His head is green with a grey face, gunmetal eyes and a white mouth, which is open with a slightly asymmetrical grimaced expression. The purple is sparser than I'd like this time around, but the overall Constructicon-esque colour scheme still works. The Decepticon logo on his chest looks great.

   Demolishor has very a distinct shape, which was accurately portrayed in the Armada cartoon. His thighs are beefier than his shins, which is unusual for a Transformer - although standard for a human. His fingers are the silvers barrels, so he has hands that look somewhat like claws, albeit with five digits each. And of course there's the missiles on his shoulders, which are almost as tall as the arms themselves, and make this a fairly tall deluxe.

   There's quite a few asymmetrical aspects to this robot mode, although most are subtle. The mouth is actually moulded slightly off centre and painted that way - it's clearly deliberate. The black painted detail on his thighs, as well as the tank detail moulding, varies from one thigh to the other, which is easy to miss in tank mode but more noticeable now. Similarly, the live hardpoint on his left shoulder is black on a purple base, the dead one on the right is all purple.

   The live hardpoint can still be activated in this mode, although there's not much point while they're pointing straight up since they'll pop up and fall down to the ground again. They're still useful, though, because you can transform either arm back into weapons rack mode, allowing you to fire the missiles forward. Demolishor doesn't have fists or a handgun, but with the barrel fingers, weapons rack arms and four hardpoints on his arms, he's still very much a walking armory. Not only can you attach Blackout to give him arm-mounted barrels, you can attach three other Minicons with weapons modes to the other hardpoints. Demolishor really fits the original idea behind Armada and the Minicon sets, and does it well.

   His poseability is fairly good, despite a lack of ball joints. His feet have big heelspurs, the knees bend and the hips swing. The waist rotates, usually to about 50 but can go right around if the arms are up out of the way, and his legs can swing out to the sides. The shoulders rotate 360 and there are two hinges per elbow. The head doesn't turn, because it's flanked by the halves of the turret. Basically, since the joint would be totally useless, they didn't put one in.

   Just like the tank mode, this is a nice looking robot mode, with lots of play value and plenty of room for Minicons. Armed to the teeth with a disgruntled facial expression, he looks like a badass. The colour scheme is still great, and while a little more purple would have been nice, the Decepticon logo on his chest (and unpainted relief) looks really nice.

Name: Blackout
Allegiance: Minicon
Alternate Mode: Armoured Vehicle

Height: 4cm Length: 2.5cm Width: 4cm, radar dish configuration
Height: 2.5cm Length: 2.5cm Width: 3.5cm, no radar dish configuration

   Yes, that's right, Blackout has two distinct vehicle mode options. The first has his arms on top of the vehicle mode with a radar dish sticking up on the back, the second has the arms out to the sides and the dish folded down. The first mode is his standard mode, the second is the config he uses when clipping into Demolishor. Both work quite well, although the first hides the purple cockpit windows and the second reveals them.

   Anyway, he's a grey and green armoured vehicle, with four purple ridged wheels, purple cannons (these are the robot arms, with variable positions) and a black radar dish. It's a vehicle that compliments Demolishor well, unlike many bundled Armada Minicons. Both configurations work well, the big purple barrels make him a well armed little Minicon.


   From the radar dish down configuration, simply unfold the robot legs and stand him up.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Largely grey, Blackout has green arms with purple barrels in place of hands, black thighs and a big silver eyepiece. His face is very simple - the eyepiece and a square mouthblock give him a rather drone-like appearance. The chest is painted purple, with a powerlinx port smack in the middle and a Minicon ensignia on the left hand side.

   There's not a lot of poseability - the hips and knees bend a little and the shoulders rotate. I'm happy with the poseability because he's able to lift his arms and point the guns he has in place of hands. Proportionately, they're huge, so while he can't grab things he'd be impossible to approach if you're a Minicon.

   While it's not quite as a cool as his vehicle mode, I wouldn't expect this robot mode to be. Blackout is designed to compliment Demolishor, which he does very well, so a decent robot mode is more than enough to make him a good Minicon.


   This is the third version of the mould - both the original and "Powerlinx" versions were sold during Armada while this repaint was sold under the Energon banner. There was actually a new mould, also called Demolishor, in Energon - all represent the same character. There are no actual variations of this version that I'm aware of.


   A very nice repaint, if not one with much of a reason for existing. The colours works well together, and are largely the same as the G1 Constructicon colours, which appeals to the G1 fan in me. There have now been four colour versions of this mould, and I'm not sure that it warrants all four, but this is better than the other two repaints (and since the Cybertron one is stripped of Blackout, it's also better value) The paint mask and sculpt are great and the play value here is pretty good, so I'd certainly recommend the mould. If you only get one, the original is probably the one to get, since that's what we saw in the Armada cartoon, even if this colour scheme is actually slightly cooler - 9/10

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