Destructicon Scourge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Scourge
Series: Universe (sort of - the packaging reads "Robots In Disguise", but he was sold during the Universe era)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Racing Truck

Thanks to Tiby for lending me Scourge for this review.

Height: 11cm Length: 18cm Width: 6cm

   A black flatbed truck with a some teal pinstriping and silver painted details here and there, Scourge fits the colours of this character, even if he's a repaint of an entirely different mould. The windows are transparent blood red while there's a silver bellow while on the silver launcher at the back he carries a long silver with a soft red tip. There are chrome headlights, a chrome grille, silver exhaust pipes and a large purple Decepticon logo stamped on the hood. The colour scheme feels shoehorned onto this mould (and it is), but these colours always work together so he pretty much gets away with it.

   All ten wheels roll, although this isn't really anything special. The robot mode handgun can clip into the top of the launcher, as much for storage as decoration. While Combat Hero Prime came with three missiles, Scourge only comes with two, despite having the launcher and two storage brackets on either side of the truck. The launcher can swing through 360, although the stored missiles will get in the way of this. Assuming you have the extra missiles set aside and the pump detached (which you'll want to do so you have a clean shot at it), Scourge can aim his missile in any direction, although the vertical range is only about 30. The hose connecting the pump is about 20cm long, and you'll probably want to step on or punch the bellows for maximum range. This gimmick is kinda silly, I'll admit - but it's a lot of fun and works quite well. While it represents the focal point of this toy and dominates the play value.

   While the colours have been done ad nauseum, they work and at least it's not another "Nemesis" toy. The loss of a missile makes this truck mode a little asymmetrical, but at least they didn't strip him of chrome. The missile launcher makes this truck - and it succeeds with what it was trying to do. A good truck mode, despite the simplicity.


   Remove the stored missiles and handgun, detach the pump if you haven't already. Push in the centre of the front bumper, allowing the cab to fold out. As you fold the cab over, split it allowing the halves to form boots. Split the rear section, fold out to form his arms and reveal his head, stand Prime up. Rotate the shoulders and elbows, swing down the arms and slide out his fists. Re-attach the pump onto his back (bellows up), place the handgun in either hand and you're done.

Height: 15cm Width: 14cm

   Again mainly black, Scourge has some silver and teal aspects here and there, mainly on his chest and shoulders. The face is silver with transparent red eyes and an impressive lightpipe. There are purple Decepticon logos stamped on either forearm. There's a false grille on his waist (painted silver, but not chromed) and false windows on his chest. The cabin forms his boots, with the roof as his feet. The colour scheme here is very dark, with less silver than in truck mode.

   This is a fairly nice looking robot mode, although the middle four wheels hang rather clumsily off his waist. The boots look pretty good, as does the giant missile launcher hanging off the outside of his right forearm. The false front is a nice touch - something which has since become fairly standard for Optimus Prime toys down the years (and the original version of this character).

   The poseability here is mixed. The head and waist both turn, the shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows bend. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees bend. While this level of articulation is pretty good for G2, there are some limitations. The missile launcher (along with hose and pump) rather limit the right arm - the missile itself is longer than Scourge is tall, so he can't put that arm down to his side unless the missile launcher is pointing somewhere else. He fairly large footprints, anchoring him quite well considering how the launcher shifts his centre of gravity. While the legs are quite flexible he lacks heelspurs so you'll have a tricky time finding stable action poses. Some action poses _are_ possible, but not as many as I'd like. This mould comes from an era when Transformers were only beginning to feature good articulation, so by modern standards his poseability is limited. The play value is still decent, overall.

   A very dark robot with a good action gimmick despite the limitations it imposes on his poseability. It's a dated mould and this is very evident in this mode, but for fans of older Transformers, this robot mode has something to offer.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Combat Hero Optimus Prime.


   A fun, creative toy mould and while it's dated, it still has charm. The colours are dark and while this concept is overused, I like the fact that it's at least applied to Scourge rather than the overused "Nemesis" concept. The lost missile is a little disappointing and the colours aren't as appealing as those of Prime. The poseability is a little limited, but the firing missile udea still makes this mould worthwhile - 6/10

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