Drillhorn Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Drillhorn
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Sub Group: Breast Force
Function: Strategist
Vehicular Mode: Drill Tank

Comes with RhinoBreast, a small companion that turns from a rhinoceros to a breast and also becomes Drillhorn's gun.

Height: 5cm Length: 13cm Width: 5cm

   An indigo drill tank with a big off white drill at the front and off white rear treads. The front treads are blue. He's got a big silver cockpit and rear tailfins for some reason. There's small yellow stickers just above the rear treads with Destron symbols on them. The colours are pretty good here - simple but effective.

   This is one of the best Transformer drill tanks, if not the best. It's more than just a lump with a drill on the front - it actually looks like they've started with a specific shape to this mode and designed Drillhorn around that shape, unlike some drill tanks which look very much like the tank mode has been compromised to fit the engineering as the design evolved. The only real kibble is the robot fists which are visible tucked away above the front treads.

   It's interesting to note that the drill doesn't actually have a screw - rather a series of concentric circles. It's not immediately obvious, but you don't have to study the cone too hard to see this. Still, it's not really much of a flaw, and considering the fact he's better than most Transformer drill tanks, it doesn't bother me at all.

   The play value here is really about all you could expect - there's wheels underneath the treads allowing him to roll along. I suppose you could hope to attach RhinoBreast in gun mode, but only Leozak of this set can attach his gun in vehicle mode. You can attach RhinoBreast underneath, by the way.

   A pretty good vehicle mode, really. Nosecone is a good example of how poor a drill tank mode can be, whereas Drillhorn's tank mode is quite good.


   Extend the rear section, fold up the drill. Flip out the robot hands, attach RhinoBreast as either his handgun or chestplate.


   To transform RhinoBreast to rhinoceros mode, fold out the legs, flip out the head and tail. To transform to chestplate, retract limbs, head and tail. To transform to gun, fold in the legs and the head to become the handle, flip out the tail to become the barrel.

   The rhinoceros mode's pretty good. It's mainly white, the head, tail and limbs are all black - there's no indigo. He's got wings, too, basically so his back is wide enough to be a chestplate. His legs all mode, too, so he's got some poseability.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 5cm

   Drillhorn's more white than indigo in robot mode. The arms, thighs and parts of the chest are indigo, the lower legs, hands, centre of the chest and his head are all white. He has a blue face and a gap in the centre of his body into which RhinoBreast clips, doing so means less indigo and more white. It also gives him a Destron on his chest.

   RhinoBreast actually forms the middle of the chest and the groin, leaving something of a gap at the top of the chest. Still, this covers up the gap so it's not a bad thing. RhinoBreast also forms a decent gun, the wings making it look powerful. I don't really have a preference which way you use RhinoBreast, since both work okay.

   The arms are the bottom of the front treads, and are covered in tread moulding, which looks a little strange. The outsides of the shins are also treads (the rear ones), but he has proper shins inside these. The treads on his arms stick out a little too far - the fists almost look like they're sticking out the back of his wrists.

   Poseability is limited to the shoulders rotating - about what you'd expect. Drillhorn's play value is in RhinoBreast, though.

   The arms are a little strange and the positioning of the chestplate isn't perfect, but Drillhorn's robot mode is still better than a lot of combiner limbs.


   None that I know of, although there was a nameless repaint outside the USA in late G1.


   The tank mode's good - it's the better of his two modes. The robot mode has some flaws, and while it's not a bad mode it's one of the weaker in this set. RhinoBreast is a nice little addition. Drillhorn is a toy I'd recommend if you can find him at a decent price, even aside from the fact he's necessary for Liokaiser - 7/10

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